Monday, June 17, 2013

First Letter from Wendjy!

I have truly been blessed lately with so many letters. I've heard from almost all of my kids (except for a small handful) in the last month. It's been quite wonderful.

Today, I heard from my young man in Haiti. In September, he will start his last year of high school. He was actually due to graduate from Compassion in October, but since he won't be done with school, Compassion extended his graduation two more years! This gives him time to finish high school and prepare himself for the "real world" for a year. I am so happy to have two more years with him.

Here's the beginning of our letter writing adventure:


Dear Kayla, 

It is a pleasure for me today to take a pen for common meeting with you. (That is a very strange line, to me). How are you? Your health? Your activities? Me, I am fine, thanks to God. I wish God would let everything be well for you, while he keeps on blessing you and your family. I let you know that I did well at the first exam that I took and at the second one too. Please always keep on praying for me so that God can give me more intelligence for being able to do well in all that I do. I will always pray for you. I thank you too because you sponsor me. And I tell you that I would like to finish school well, without repeating anymore, and after to enter college for studying to become a doctor at the medical school. I wish you would pray for me so that my dreams get realized. God bless you. 



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  1. That's so neat that Compassion extended his graduation date so he could finish school!! And I love that Wendjy aspires to be a doctor...I hope that his dreams come true! Thanks for sharing his letter with us.