Thursday, August 23, 2012

Touching Thursday (Below Average Student Edition)

I'm only sharing two children with you this week instead of the usual three.

I have these two childrens' packets until September 14th. 

If you wish to sponsor either of these beautiful children, please email me at and let me know. I will send you to the page to fill out your information and then I will mail you the packet so you can have all the information yourself.

First up, this precious girl is Ungkhana. She is 8 years old and she's from Thailand. Her birthday is May 16th.
She lives her her parents and 3 siblings. Her parents are both sometimes employed as farmers. Ungkhana helps at home by carrying water, gathering firewood, and buying/selling in the market (so much work for a little one!). Singing, telling stories, and playing house are Ungkhana's favorite activities. In primary school, her performance is below average. She could use a sponsor who is going to encourage her in school and let her know that education is important.
The regional diet consists of chicken, pork, fish, rice, and vegetables. Working adults make, on average, $29 a month.

This little cutie with the sad face is Jean Mary. He is from Haiti. His birthday is September 23rd and he will be turning 8 years old.
Jeans lives with his father, mother, and three siblings. His father is sometimes employed as a laborer and his mother is sometimes employed as a seller in the market. Jean helps his family by carrying water. For fun, Jean enjoys rolling a hoop, singing, and playing group games. He attends church activities regularly and is in primary school, where is performance is below average.
The regional diet consists of maize, fish, cassava, plantains, goat meat, and mango. Common health problems in the area come from drinking bad water. The adults that work in this community make a U.S equivalent of $43 a month.
Please consider sponsoring these two children!

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