Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boys Waiting for Sponsors: Miraj Red Light District

This project is located in a red light district in India. The main occupation for much of the women there is sex working. Men either find themselves working as sex traffickers, are unemployed, or they simply don't stick around there for very long.

Lately, the topic, in the blogosphere, has been on the young girls in this community waiting for sponsors, and for good reason. Getting those girls as far away from the life of potential sex work is of upmost importance. I am so happy to see so many of the beautiful girls there being rescued by Compassion.

I am now shifting the focus in this project to the boys in this project. After doing some research, I have learned that girls are not the only ones being trafficked for sex. Young boys are often seen has prizes too in the sex work world. At the risk of getting too graphic, the virginity of any child, male or female, can be sold at a high price. It just makes my blood run cold. Disgusting.

I'm also advocating for these boys because they need to be taught how to be wonderful men of God. Men in their community are taught that it is okay to treat women as objects. Men come into the community, use and abuse the women, and then move on with their lives, not showing women the respect they deserve. I want to help these boys learn how to get out of this community, to respect women, and to teach their future children that treating women in this way is not acceptable.

So without further ado, I have five boys to share with you. I asked Compassion to send me the oldest boys in the community, so each of these boys is 9 years old.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these boys, you can email me at . If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Sagar is sponsored! (By me!)

Rohit has been sponsored!

This little guy is Saifali (I love his name!). His birthday is January 11th. He lives with his father, mother, and 4 siblings. His father is sometimes employed and his mother maintains the home. Saifali helps at home by carrying water and caring for children. (Seems to popular chores for these boys). For fun, Saifali enjoys art, running, and playing group games. He attends church activities and has average performance in primary school.

Azad is sponsored by a wonderful woman in Canada. Yay!

Shivraj has been sponsored!

In the Miraj Red Light District, typical houses are constructed of wood, bamboo, or tile floors; wood, tin, bamboo, or plastic walls; and cement, tin, or tile roofs.
The reginal diet consists of maize, bread, rice, and potatoes. Common health problems in this area include TB, malaria, malnutrition, and waterbourne and vector borne disease (rat, flea, mosquito bites).
Most adults are unemployed, but some work as sex workers to earn the equivalent of $34 a month. (Can you imagine selling your body and only making $34 a month? How degrading). This community needs improved sanitation, safe drinking water, and vocational skills training.
40% of the children in this project don't attend school because commercial sex workers do not understand the importance of education and they lack economic resources.

I have these packets until September 28th. I'm praying that each of these boys finds a loving sponsor in the next month. Your prayers and support (and sponsorship) is much appreciated!

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