Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Eric!

My best friend in Uganda, Eric, is 17 years old today!

Dear Eric,

I know that I only started corresponding with you last December. It's been a wonderful almost 8 months. I have received only two letters from you, but both have been extremely sweet. You are only at a 4th grade level in school and you have told me that you don't do well in school. You should almost ashamed in both of your letters, sadly. I want you to know that none of that matters to me. Because as you said in your last letter, "I don't have a lot of knowledge, but I know Jesus." That really is the most important thing in life, Eric. You know much more than you think you do.

I am very excited to find out how you spend the birthday money I sent you.

I am also beyond excited that my friend, Beverly, is going to be able to bring you a gift from me in January. It's still so far away but I'm already agonizing over what I can fit in a gallon sized bag for you. I want to send you something wonderful because I know that I only have a few more years (or less) with you and I want to show you love in many ways.

Happy Birthday, young man. You're going to do great things!


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