Saturday, August 18, 2012


I sponsored my first child when I was 18 years old. I was a freshman in college. I had no money. I didn't work. I just knew it was something I needed to do. I was a relatively new christian and didn't really have too much experience in having God lead me to do something and actually listening to it. But on February 14th 2008 (also the 4th year of me being a christian), I sponsored my lovely Abu from Sierra Leone through World Vision. I had zero idea where I was going to come up with $30 a month, but every month, without fail, the money was there. A random check from my grandma, a tax refund, a kind friend who wanted to help. God lead me through Abu's sponsorship pretty much just like that every month until I graduated in 2011.

In November of 2011, I felt that call again to sponsor a 2nd child, then I received two correspondent children in December of 2011, then I sponsored again this March, and again this June, and again this July, and I added two more correspondence children just this month.

It may sound crazy, but everytime I added another child, I felt that constant pull on my heart that I was meant to do more. I was meant to sponsor another child or email Compassion about another correspondence child. It was always there. No matter how much I doubted that the money would be there, God has continued to show me that I can afford this if I continue to trust that God will give me the provision to.

This week, when Sadiya was (surprisingly) added to my account as my 4th correspondence child, I felt a brand new feeling, that I have not felt in the last year.


I arranged the pictures of my children in a 3x3 collage. It was both mathmatically complete and complete in my heart.

Something in my heart is telling me that I won't have any extra money coming in for awhile to sponsor another child anyway and I'm not meant to. God has given me a complete family. Nine wonderful boys and girls from 8-17 years old, that I'm meant to love and help and provide for.

While I know that my plans to visit these kids, help support their families, and even help pay for one of my kids' mothers to get an operation is not going to be cheap and it's going to take major pray and trust, I am just so excited to see where God leads me.

Instead of constantly thinking about what child I'm going to add to my family next, I'm constantly thinking about what I can do for my kids next.

I've been praying to God for a family that loves me unconditionally and he's given it to me. Nine children who love me and pray for me and think of me every day. Nine children that I can love and pray for and help in any way I can.

I just can't believe how blessed I am. Anytime I feel alone I can stand in my kitchen and look at these nine precious faces on my fridge and know that I am loved from all over the globe.

It's all got me pretty choked up lately. In the best way possible.

Any and all prayers for God's provision to provide for the needs of these children are greatly appreciated. I have a feeling that a few of these kids and their families need some big help and I want to be able to help. Help usually involves money, which I don't have, but have faith that God will provide when it's needed. 

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