Tuesday, August 21, 2012

God Provides for His Family

Like I said a couple of days ago, my sponsorship family is complete. I can't tell you if it's complete forever or not, but my heart is telling me that at this moment and for at least awhile, it is complete. Instead of calling me to sponsor more children when I have extra money, God is calling me to help the kids I've got.

One of my boys' mothers is dying from kidney failure and needs to have a transplant.

One of my boys is separated from his mother and siblings because she can't afford to take care of all of the children after her husband's death. The eldest son, who is only 12, dropped out of school to support the family through working.

One of my girls has a main diet of apples, oranges, and biscuits. That's it.

God has blessed me with this family and I am trusting him to help me take care of them when I need to.

I took a leap of faith and sent $50 to Kalpesh's family in the hopes that it will support their family enough for his older brother to re-enroll in school. The day after I sent the money, I receive $20 from a friend who wanted to help, somebody ordered $20 worth of tie-dye, and I found a website where I can sell unwanted DVDs and games and I made $20.

I shelled out $50 and God gave me $60. I'm just amazed. I can't wait to find out if the gift helps that 12 year old boy go back to school. If it does, I will continue to send the family money to keep him in school.

God is constantly surprising me (I don't know why I'm surprised that God provides) when it comes to my sponsored children. Just the fact that I've gone from 2 to 9 kids in less than a year is a little shocking. Now God is helping me to make a huge diffrence in the lives of these little ones.

My next goal is to call World Vision and see how I can help with that kidney transplant. I'm praying to God they need thousands of dollars, because I have no idea how I'll raise that.

Praying. Praying. Praying.

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