Friday, August 31, 2012

Letters to My Kids: August 2012

At the end of each month, I like to share the letters that I wrote to my sponsored kids in the hopes of giving some people ideas of what to write. I know that everyone gets writer's block occasionally and it's nice to see what other people have been writing about.

The first letter I wrote was about school. I copied mostly the same letter for each child, but I changed each letter a little bit depending on how old they are. I put in details of myself when I was that age so it was more personal. Here is the letter I wrote to 10 year old Celeste...


Dear Celeste

Today I want to write you a letter to learn more about your school and what it's like. I'm also going to tell you what it was like for me when I was your age and went to school. The picture you see at the bottom of the page is what I looked like when I was 10 years old, just like you.

How do you get to school each day? I took a bus to school when I was your age.

What is your favorite subject to study? What subject do you struggle with? When I was your age, I liked learning reading and writing. I struggled with math. It was very hard for me.

Do you wear a uniform to school or your regular clothes? My school did not have uniforms when I was younger.

How long do you spend at school each day? When I was your age our school day lasted for 7 hours. We spent time learning, eating lunch, and playing outside. Do you have time to play outside during your school day? What kinds of games do you like to play at school?

Who are your best friends at school? When I was 10 years old, my best friend was Megan. We spent time together at school jumping rope and swinging on swings.

How many children do you have in your class? When I was 10, I had around 25 other children in my class. My teacher's name was Mrs. Stout. What is your teacher's name?

Don't worry about answering all of my questions. I would love to learn anything about your school that you want to tell me. I wish to know more about you and your studying. I hope you are working hard at school and getting good grades.

I love you,


A few days ago, I wrote each of my children and told about our tooth fairy custom when it comes to losing their teeth. I asked each of them to share what customs they have when it comes to losing their baby teeth. Here's the letter:

A few days ago, a friend and I were talking about different customs for lost teeth across the world. We think it is interesting that child all over the world do different things when their child teeth fall out.

In the United States, when a child loses one of their teeth, it is a very happy day. The family is very happy and the child feels like they are beginning to grow up a little bit more. They often share the news with their friends and everyone is very happen.

We have a custom in my country that there is a very small girl called the Tooth Fairy. She wears a very pretty dress and she has wings and is able to fly. Before a child goes to sleep that night, they take the tooth that fell out and they put it under their pillow on their bed. When they are asleep, the Tooth Fairy comes and takes their tooth away. Children are taught the tooth fairy uses the teeth she collects to build big houses for her and her friends, made out of teeth. When the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth, she leaves behind a small gift for the child. The gift is usually a coin, a piece of candy, or a small toy. When the child wakes up in the morning, they see that their tooth is gone and that there is a gift there for them in the tooth's place!

Children in the United States have a good time when they lose their teeth. Then they start the long wait of another tooth growing in!

Do you have any special thing like this when children lose teeth in your country? I would really like to hear about what children do with their old teeth after the fall out.



There you have it! Feel free to use these letters for your own use!


  1. What a great idea! I am sure this will be helpful for those who need the extra encouragement to write to their kids.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I hope this does help!

  2. I loved the school letter! I have asked my kids a little about school for them, but never gotten that detailed or shared my specific experiences with them. This letter was a life saver for me today. I had realized that I hadn't written to all of my kids this month with moving and starting school, and I could not for the life of me think of what to write. And then I saw this :D

    1. I am so glad you liked the letter! I've found that when you put in personal details in the letters, the children are more likely to put in personal details too. If the roles were reversed, I would have a hard time being open and honest with somebody that wasn't open and honest with me.

      Have a great time writing your letter!