Saturday, August 25, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Mailing a Gift for Eric Today

On top of the six words, I would like to share a few more words with you to explain what's going on. A lovely woman that I met on Our Compassion (I think) that I'm also friends with on Facebook (I'm not sure if facebook or OC came first) is going to Uganda in January. She offered to take a gift to Eric for me!

She gave me until December 1st to have the gift mailed to her. Being the excitable type I am, just three weeks after hearing the news, I have bought all the gifts, packed them up, and am sending them to Beverly today. I just couldn't wait. If she's anything like me, she's started packing and unpacking and packing again to see how much room she has for other gifts. Maybe not. Either way, I trust her to keep the gift safe until she goes on her trip in January.

In February, Eric will be holding these gifts. I just can't even contain my excitement. I don't get many letters from Eric, but the two that I've received have been very nice and  I also want to do more for my sponsored children. I hope he loves everything I send him, and is even nice enough to share some of it with his 7 year old brother. I sent two of some things in the hope that he would.

17 Year Old Eric
I'm sending him an Illinois basketball shirt, colored pencils, pencils, pens, a pencil sharpener, erasers, a puzzle of a worl map, a watch, two bouncy balls, two toy cars, a bag of balloons, and a small notebook with apples on the front.
Surprise! I got it all to fit in a gallon sized ziploc bag! I hope the bag stays intact and nothing falls out during the trip to Eric. I tried to label as many things as I could in the bag with his name and ID number, but most of the little things aren't labeled. I hope everything stays together!
I can't wait for him to receive this. I am praying that an extra letter gets to be written to let me know that he received the gift. A picture of him with the gifts would be absolutely wonderful. Praying!


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