Sunday, August 5, 2012

See Your Impact Results: July 2012

I totally forgot to share with you my See Your Impact results from last month.

If you don't know, each month I choose a cause on the See Your Impact website to donate to. This website allows for you to donate money to a specific cause (there are many to choose from!) You can choose to donate a gift yourself or you can combine a smaller amount of money with other givers to help out bigger causes. When the gift is given to the person you helped, you are emailed a picture and a story of the exact person you helped. It's amazing!

I have chosen to give a gift each month to help another person somewhere in this world. In July, I chose to donate $10 to give somebody in Uganda a mosquito net to sleep under at night. For just $10, I'm helping this man prevent his grandchildren from getting malaria. It's really quite amazing to think about. $10 can buy a meal out at a cheap restaurant or it can save the lives of three children.

Here's who I helped out:

Dear Kayla,

Ngovi Joseph is a 54 year old father of 5 and grandfather of 3 children who resides in Nabukone Village, Uganda, where UVP has been working for the past two years. Ngovi is a farmer while his wife sells the excess of what they harvest in the local market.
When asked why he bought a net, he says, "I have bought a net for my grandchildren because this area has very many mosquitoes and I want to ensure they do no get malaria. We have had VHTs hold sensitizations on malaria and I know there have been deaths in the village of children due to malaria, so I thought it was best to buy one.  I am very grateful to UVP and their donors for providing me with a  net,  that I can easily afford. Thank you."

On behalf of UVP and Ngovi we say a  big 'thank you' to you Kayla!

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