Saturday, December 22, 2012

Xhuliano's Home and Community

In September, I wrote all of my kids a letter where I simply listed questions about their home and community. This is Xhuliano's response to that letter. Xhuliano is always the first one to respond to my letters, and then other responses will start to trickle in. I feel like I learned so much about Xhuliano and how he lives. It gives me a better picture of what his home looks like.


Dear My Friend Kayla,

I always get happy when I receive letters from my amazing friend. And I'm always happy to write to you. I loved your letter. The words were very woven. (I have no idea?) The house that I'm building is with with bricks. I live with my parents and sister's near my father's mother, who has given us a room and we have enlarged it. There we sleep, eat, we have 2 sofas, a table, a heater, TV, and four chairs. Yes, my friend, we have electric power in our house. Yes, the large of the population has wells in their home, but the water is not drinkable. Even I have a well at my home. We use it for washing our clothes, dishes, but for drinking, we buy it. In our community, people travel by cars and motorbikes. When our community needs help, World Vision is always there for them.

I loved the book that you sent to me, with Jesus' history. (The bible). You'll always be an unforgettable friend. I had the chance to have an amazing friend like you. God help you and a big hug from me.



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