Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sagitaria's 9th Birthday

Today, sweet Sagitaria is turning 9 years old!

Dear Sagitaria,
I have not known you long, only being assigned to correspond with you in August and not yet receiving your first letter, but I already love you. Your face has this very gentle quality about it. I bet you are a very sweet and loving girl.
I hope that you are having a wonderful 9th birthday today. I pray that God blesses you with a happy day and another happy and healthy year. I hope that you got the birthday package that I sent you and you love all of the flower themed things that I sent you. I sure hope you like pink and girly flowers! :) If you aren't a pink kind of girl, let me know, and I'll make it up to you on your 10th birthday, haha.
I hope that you get to celebrate a little bit with your family and friends.
Happy Birthday Sagitaria!

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