Friday, December 7, 2012

New Correspondent Child (Again!)

It seems that whenever Compassion gives me a new correspondent child, I get another one shortly after. Eric and Kalpesh last December. Sadiya and Sagitaria in August. Now, Solomon and this new kiddo this month. Good things come in pairs? Did I just make that up?

Last week, Compassion posted on their Facebook page that there were 250 children who were needing to be assigned to correspondent sponsors, because their financial sponsors had not been writing to them for many years and had decided to allow them to be "released", in a way, to people that could write to them and encouragement them. I requested one of these kids and early this week, I saw this face on my account:

This handsome guy is Jhon from Bolivia!
Jhon is 13 years old and his birthday is February 1st. He lives with his parents. His father is employed as an electrician and his mother maintains the home. I don't yet know about his siblings, but I hope to find out soon when his first letter arrives! Jhon is in 7th grade and is getting average grades. Jhon's chores included making beds, cleaning, and running errands.
When he's not at school, Jhon enjoys group games, soccer, volleyball, and singing. He's quite an active guy!  
Typical houses in his community are constructed of dirt floors, block walls and corrugated iron roofs. The most commonly spoken languages are GuaranĂ­ and Spanish.The regional diet consists of bananas, chicken, bread, cassava root, beef, rice, plantains and potatoes. Common health problems in this area include respiratory illnesses, intestinal infections, skin diseases, malnutrition and malaria. Most adults work as day laborers and earn the equivalent of $100 per month. This community has water and electricity but needs hospitals, schools, a sewer system and technical training centers.

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