Monday, December 10, 2012

Mail Call Monday: Hope From Uganda

After a 5 month wait, I received a letter from my handsome young man, Erick, in Uganda. Eric is 17 years old and is absolutely wonderful. He is the "man of the house" as his father is not in the home or in the picture at all anymore. I'm not sure how long he has been gone, but I know that he is not supporting the family at all. Erick started school late and has struggled very much along the way and is only in Primary 4. Compared to the letter I received from him in June, the handwriting in this letter has improved immensely! I'm so proud of him!

I love this letter because he is very open and it appears that he has a 5 year plan. I love that he has hope for the future!

Erick wrote the letter in his language, I'm assuming in the first person. The translator translated it into the third person, so not a direct translation, but I get the point. :)

Dear Kayla,

Receive warm greetings from your beloved sponsored child Erick. He is saying that he loves you very much. That thank you for the good heart and love that God has given to you. That he is blessed to have you as a special friend.

Erick says that his mother and Moses, his only brother, are greeting you and they send their love. That they are thankful to you for the support. Erick says thank you very much for the gift you sent to him (I sent him birthday money) of 50,500 shillings. He says that he received it and used 35,000 to buy school necessities for term 3 and 20,000 to buy food which he shared with his family. Erick says that may God bless you so much.

He says thank you so very much for writing to him. He received the letters, cards, stickers, and photos. He was glad to know about you.

Erick informs you that he has 3 goats, which he bought from the gifts you sent him. (Sounds like his financial sponsor sent him money). He says that school is going on well and that is best friend at school is Boy. Erick says that thank you for sending to him the photos of your other sponsored children. That they are very smart. He says thank you for the special love that you have for him. He is blessed.

Erick is requesting you to pray for him to study and finish through Primary 7 so that he can join a vocational institution. (Sounds like a 5 year plan to me! If he finishes Primary 7 in three years, he'll probably be finished with vocational school right around the time he is 22 and graduates from Compassion.)

He asks do you grow any crops in your area? Are there big mountains in your country? Do you stay in a village or a town? He ends wishing you God's blessing.




  1. What a great letter! I love learning what the kids use for their birthday money- how considerate that Erick bought food to share with his family. And it's great that he was able to buy school supplies, too!

    1. I love hearing what he bought too. I'm always amazed how far $25 can go in one of the countries that Compassion works in.

  2. He looks like a fine young man! Thanks for sharing this letter! I enjoyed reading it!

    1. I agree with you. He's due for a new picture update sometime in the next 7 months or so. I'm hoping it'll be early. *Fingers Crossed*

  3. What a great letter!! That's so neat that he was able to buy goats with his financial sponsor's gift. And I love that he's able to get vocational training!! Thanks for the post!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by again, Hannah. I also appreciate your comments.

      I love that he's able to get vocational training too. Compassion has a wonderful idea going there. They know that not every child is going to be able to go to college, especially a kid like Eric, who's going to just be finishing 7th grade at age 20. But, they don't just put him out on the street and say good luck. I can't wait to find out what Erick chooses to pursue in vocational training.