Monday, December 3, 2012

Pastor Letter From Solomon's Project

On OurCompassion, sponsors are able to read letters that the pastors of their sponsored child's communities have written. Not all projects have a pastor letter, but I love the ones that do! It's so interesting to hear how the communities are and how Compassion is working to help the families there. Here is what Solomon's pastor has to say:

Dear Sponsor,

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Savior!

I am the Reverend Dr. K Paul Devakumar, partner with Comapssion at our child development center in Banaswadi, Banglore, India, where we minister to your sponsored child. The center was started in the year 1996. At present, 225 children are taken care of through the center. We are grateful to you for faithfully sponsoring your sponsored child.

In Banaswadi, mostly poor and neglected people are in the community facing major problems, like illiteracy, poverty, alcohol, and broken homes. Men here are irresponsible and women work and support the families. Children suffer from malnutrition.

The children are developed in four areas of physical, educational, spiritual, and social through the Compassion project. We provide one nutritious meal a day to the children. The children are provided coaching classes and followed up on their progress in the school, and they also have the opportunity to hear stories from God's word. The center workers visit the homes of the children, counsel the parents, guide them and pray for the family. Regular medical care is given for the children and sometimes even for the parents. The children are learning income-generation skills such as tailoring, sewing, and embroidary.

The staffs of the center are very committed and provide good support to the children. One of our children was a 5 year old when she joined the center. Her parents did not have a shelter, no proper employment, and practically nothing to care for their children, they lived under a push cart. During this time, we brought this child and her elder brother to our center and cared for them. The center took complete care of the children. Now she is a 14 year old who is enjoying school. Her parents are better now and everything they have in their home is provided by her Compassion sponsor to whom she and her parents are very grateful.

Our vision and goal is to see that the community is transformed through the center. Our desire is to share God's love with people from all communities, caste, and religions. We pray that our partnership with Compassion will continue and many more children will be reached.

We aspire that the sponsor and child relationship continues to grow. Sponsor letters are a great encouragement to the children and they look up to them as their role models. The encouragement thorugh letters in time of difficulty pushes them to overcome any situation.

Once again, we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support to your sponsored child. We know these are times of great difficulty all over the world. We request you to continue to uphold us in your prayers and the children.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child from East India, I urge you to consider one of these two children. Aren't they just adorable?

This little guy is Vanlal. He is 4 years old. He will turn 5 on December 25th. He has been waiting 395 days for a sponsor.
To learn more about his interests and his family, visit his page here.
This beautiful Indian princess is Sweety. Her name fits her perfectly, doesn't it? Sweety just turned 7 on November 6th. She has also been waiting 395 days for a sponsor.


  1. I like how you posted the pastor's letter with photos....and how you included kids who are in need of a sponsor! I'll be praying for Sweety and Vanlal to find sponsors--they are precious kids!!

    1. I like the pictures a lot too. I've done that for all of the pastor letters my kids have. I think it makes it more real. I love looking up the pictures too.