Monday, December 24, 2012

Most Wonderful Christmas Eve Present Ever!

Today, I woke up late, grateful for a Monday that I don't have to wake up at 5 a.m. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but isn't it so nice to sleep in and to know that it's Christmas time?

I opened my mailbox today and saw a large envelope from Compassion! I felt around in there and I felt a staple! Only us sponsors can get so excited to feel a staple, haha. Needless to say, I tore into that evenlope the minute I set foot into my apartment, hadn't even closed or locked the door yet.

Inside, was a letter from Erick! I just heard from him two weeks ago! Included in this letter was a written page from Erick and attached to the written page was a typed page. On this page, Erick's tutor had helped him answer every single question that I had asked him in the last 9 letters that I've written to him. I'm just amazed. In bold, they typed the question I had asked. Then, they typed out whatever Erick dictated for the answer.

I am so grateful for Compassion for such a wonderful organization. I am especially grateful for UG-721 and their wonderful staff members and tutors for this wonderful letter. Erick is such a wonderful young man.

Now, I share with you this letter. As you can probably guess, it's a long one. But, if you read it all the way through, you will no doubt be blessed.


Dear Kayla,
Receive warm greetings from your friend Erick. He is happy for writing good letters to him. Erick says that he was so excited to receive 9 letters from you with encouraging message, bible verses, and stories and history of your country.
He appreciates your love towards him and for your great concern about his life. Erick adds that his life and standard of living is greatly improving because of your support and prayers. He is improving in his studies and hopes to to keep working hard. He adds thank you for wishing him a merry Christmas and the coming new year, 2013. He too hopes to work hard at school in the year 2013 and also improve his relationship with God. He will pray for you to meet your heart desire in the year 2013. You told him that you like singing and playing bass clarinet. Erick says he also likes singing in his local church that however his church does not have instruments except the drum.
On Christmas day, Erick says that he goes to church with his mother and brother an when they get back, he helps his mother to prepare food and after he goes to visit his friends. While on new year's eve, the wait outside. When it reaches 12:00 a.m, they make noise, bang drums, and sing while praising the Lord to have entered the new year. He was happy to read the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. His verse to you is John 1:1-16.
Eric would like to send his love and greetings to you and to your family members. He hopes life is going on well. He will keep you in prayer. He wishes you the best in all your endeavors. Enjoy the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and prosperous year 2013. Attached are response of some of the questions asked. God bless you.

1. Does Erick wear a uniform at school? Erick says they put on a school uniform and the color of the uniform is blue shorts and a white shirt.

2. How long does Erick spend at school? They spend 8 hours at school. That's from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m

3. How does he reach school? Erick says that he walks on foot everyday to school and his school is about 3 km from home.

4. What is Erick's favorite subject? Erick's best subjects are Math and Reading. What is his hard subject? His hard subjects are English and Science.

5. What is Erick's house made of? Erick's house is made of mud, trees, and iron sheets. It was constructed for him by well wishers, Erick says.

6. Whom does Erick live at home with? Erick lives with his young brother, Moses and his mother called Lydia.

7. Where does Erick sleep? He shares a mattress with his brother, Moses. Does Erick have a bed? Erick says that he does not have a bed. Their mattress is laid down on the floor on the mat in their house.

8. Is there electricity in your home? They don't have electricity in their house because it is in the village where electricity does not reach.

9. How does Erick get water in his community? They fetch water on public water taps. They normally face a challenge with water during the dry season.

10. What do most adults do as job? Most adult people do casual laboring and farming.

11. How does Compassion help in your community? Compassion has done a great work in the lives of many children and families. It provides education, social support, medical expenses, love to the unloved, and the orphans, abandoned and above all spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ because his great love to us.

12. How do people travel around in Erick's community? Most people walk on foot because they cannot afford bicycles or cars.

13. How many children are enrolled in the Compassion project? Currently, Erick's project centre there are 216 project children. The project is allowed to register 280 children. However, some of just graduated from the program due to completing 22 years and others have completed their education and are now in the field working.

14. What do you like most about Compassion? Erick says that he likes having fun with other project children, having good meals, reading the bible, picnics, social talks, and health talks.

15. What foods are typical in your community? Erick says their typical food Irish potatoes, beans, cassava, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

16. Are there any famous places in Uganda? Erick says Uganda has got many mountains, lakes, and rivers. His place Kisoro is beautiful with hills and valleys. It has fertile volcanic soils. Kisoro district is near Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda border. Kisoro has got Mt.Muhabura which has a crater lake and it has many interesting animals like gorillas, golden monkeys, elephants, chimpanzees, and people go mountain climbing. The president of Uganda is Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, he has served more than 25 years.



  1. What a wonderful letter! I admit, I have stopped asking many questions in our letters because they weren't really ever getting answered. I may have to start asking questions again. ;)

    1. I was shocked! Two letters I sent were basically just a list of questions and no other statements. Maybe try sending a long list of questions like I did and see what happens.

  2. That is a wonderful Christmas Eve letter!! I'm with Michelle...I mostly stopped asking questions. But your letter has motived me to start asking again!! I loved reading your letter!

    1. Keep asking questions! Who knows when your kids will choose to answer them all!