Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eric's One Year Anniversary

Today, December 13th, marks one year since I was assigned Eric has my correspondent child. The minute I saw his picture on my account, I knew that I had been paired up with a wonderful young man. He was 16 years old, standing up straight and tall, with a little smile on his face. Being only in 3rd grade due to his struggles with school, his letters came with very little of his own writing, but what he was writing was in English, which I think is fantastic!

Over this last year, Eric has moved up to 4th grade (I'm very proud!) and turned 17 years old. I have received three letters from Eric this year, each one wonderful, truly showing how intelligent Eric is. I don't hear from him often, but I am happy when I find a letter from him in my mailbox.

Thanks to a wonderfully generous sponsor visiting Uganda, I was able to send him some gifts. He will receive the gifts towards the end of January. I can't wait for him to receive them!

I hope we get to correspond for another year!

Memorable Quotes From His Letters

"School, You, My, Hen, Dog, Water, Name." (He was showing me words that he had learned to write at school. Love it!)

"I don't have a lot of knowledge, but I know Jesus"

"Eric says that he prays to God so that one day he will look at you face to face as well as his whole family."

"He says that he is praying that God blesses you so much and he wishes you God's favor."

"He says thank you for the special love that you have for him. He is blessed."

"Erick is requesting you to pray for him to study and finish through Primary 7 so that he can join a vocational institution."

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