Monday, December 17, 2012

A Plea For Compassion

Every year, Compassion sends out a gift catalog into the world.

This catalog is pretty amazing. Through this catalog, you can donate to many different places and causes. Each of these donations gives somebody in this world an absolutetly Christmas present. Some of these gifts (this is not all of them) include seeds to plant a family garden, food for malnourished children, bed nets to prevent malaria, adult literacy classes, skills training, school supplies, and clean water.

All of the items in the gift catalog are things that we, people in the 1st world, don't ever have to think about going without. We head to local supermarket for food, we turn on our faucets to get clean water, we attend school from age 5-18 (some of us even longer), and most of us have good jobs that pay enough to take care of our families.

The truth is, most people in this world just don't have these things.

Compassion is here to help.

Compassion made a goal this month to raise $20,000 through the gift catalog to help provide these gifts to children and famlies in need throughout the world.

As of today, they have only made $532, which, if I may so, is kind of sad. Don't get me wrong, that $532 will be used to do great things. But, I think we as a community of bloggers and of lovers of children can do better.

Compassion has give a challenge to us bloggers. If each blog can raise $100 through the gift catalog, we will hit the $20,000 goal. There are so many ways for you to do this! You can:

Provide Garden Seeds for $10 (I donated to this one!)

Provide Food for a Malnourished Child for $13

Teach an Impoverished Mother to Read and Write for $22

Help Build a Playground for $35

Give Medical Care to an Injured Child for $50

If none of those options above appeal to you, you can visit the gift catalog HERE to find another cause you would like donate to.

If you can spare any money, I encourage you give from your heart this Christmas. Teach your famly that on Christmas, It's About Giving.

Please help raise $100 for children and families living poverty. If you choose to donate through my blog, can you share a comment and let me know? I would love to meet you and hear what gift you chose!


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