Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pastor Letter from Jhon's Project

I have another pastor letter to share with you, from my newest correspondent child, Jhon's, project. Man, I just love these letters. It's like getting a sneak peek at what's going on at the project.


Dear sponsor,

First of all, I feel very happy to write you this letter, which is very important to me.

My name is Alejandro and I am the pastor of the Redeemer Assemblies of God of Bolivia church that ministers to your Compassion sponsored child. I am very happy and at the same time thankful for the attention you show as your share your life, your love, and your prayer support for your sponsored child. God bless you!

I would like to share some thoughts to help you understand more about our local community and Compassion's program. Our program is having a great impact in the lives of our children and, of course, their famlilies. I want to tell you of one boy at our center who is very active in our program in comparison from when he started the program. Now he knows and fears the Lord, along with his family. It's surprising how the boy can now testify to what the Lord has done in his life. A few years ago, he was sick. But with the blessing of this ministry, we were able to bring solution to the problem, and also to solve his mother's problem too. I also want to mention that he is the best in his grade at school.

We are praying that all our children would continue with the same eagerness as this child. At our child development center, they come to learn - above all in the spiritual area - but also in the cognitive, social, and physical areas. They like to play soccer (football) and overall participating in the activities we do like dramas, theather, etc.

For me as a pastor, it's truly a blessing to work with Compassion on behalf of the children. Once more, I thank you for the help you give to your sponsored child. I'll say goodbye, wishing blessing for your loved ones and your work.


Jhon's project is in Bolivia, project BO370. This project currently has children waiting for sponsors. I want to share two of these children with you.

This is Jose. He is 8 years old. His birthday is July 13th. Jose lives with his father, mother, and 4 siblings. He enjoys playing with cars.
To learn more about Jose and sponsor him, visit his page here.
This beautiful young woman is Rosio. She is 15 years old and her birthday is September 16th. She lives with father, mother, and 2 siblings. Rosio helps with the housework, like washing clothes, making beds, and helping in the kitchen. She enjoys volleyball, singing, and playing ball games.
To sponsor Rosio, click here.  

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