Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Touching Tuesday #5

I completely forgot to post my weekly Touching Tuesday this morning.

This week, God has led me to three boys that need sponsors. I believe that their sponsors are waiting someone out there is cyber space. Is one of them you?

Name: Alom
Age: 7
Birthday: Sept. 13th, 2004
Country: Bangladesh

I saw his picture and immediately fell in love with those too-big-for-his-head ears. Do you love him?

Name: Erick
Age: 10
Birthday: July 8th, 2001
Country: Honduras

Those sad eyes drill right into my heart. Who wants to make those eyes happy again?

Name: Fousseyni
Age: 4
Birthday: October 10th, 2007
Country: Mali

This little one does not look like he's in good shape at all. He's dirty, sick, and he looks so sad. Who wants to save his life?

All three of these boys are looking for someone to love them.

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