Saturday, December 3, 2011


I try very hard to not be jealous of others, and most of the time that hard work pays off. I understand that I have what God wants me to have. I am very grateful for everything that God has given me.

I am never jealous of others' homes, cars, clothing, or other such material possessions.

I don't know what the most popular brands are in the fashion world.

I don't need the newest iPhone update or version. In fact, I don't even own a smart phone.

I don't care about keeping up with the Joneses.

But, I still struggle with jealousy in one area of my life...

Letters from my sponsored children.

I follow many blogs that do a weekly Mail Call Monday. On this day, they share the letters they have received from their sponsored children in the last week. Most people have more than one letter each week, many coming with new pictures, drawings, and fountains of new information.

I received one letter in November.

I received one letter in October.

I haven't received a new progress report from my first World Vision child in a year and a half. World Vision told me that they are working on getting another one sent to me, but it will take several months.

I know it is horribly wrong to be jealous of others, but is it really that wrong to want more than one letter a month from the children I sponsor, espeically since I write them 2-3 a month?

I know these kind of negative thoughts aren't what God wants me to feel, but I'm only human. I'm flawed.


  1. It'll come... I am still waiting on the first letters from my correspondance kids and my new sponser kids... so I've only been writing regularly to Esperance for a long time. To really get the flow of letters go I believe it takes 6 months - a year if you write regularly because the mail is so slow. Also, World Vision doesn't emphasize the letter writing quite as much as Compassion so you'll probably find you get more from Compassion than your WV children in time, although Esperance tends to write back about 6 times a year which I am very happy with. Basically just keep writing haha

  2. I can totally relate to this post, and, eventhough I got a letter from my Helen Angela on Saturday, I'm still jealous of those who get "real" letters as opposed to form letters. But, like Teresa said, it takes a while to get the flow started. I'm just in the same boat as you - that 6 month waiting period from the moment you start to write until you start to receive those response letters is just so hard! What helps me though, is thinking, "If I feel this way, imagine how the kids feel? Imagine how they felt before I started writing regularly? Only getting a couple of letters a year!" That keeps me motivated to keep writing even when I'm not getting letters. :-)