Wednesday, December 7, 2011

See Your Impact Results: December 2011

If you all remember, a week ago (exactly 7 days ago) I donated to the website See Your Impact . Using this website, you can donate to a specific cause and you are sent a picture of the exact, specific person that you helped. To me, it makes the world feel much smaller and much more together in love.

I am planning on donating to this website at the beginning of each month.

This month, I donated $10 to buy a child in Sierra Leone at mosquito net for his/her bed. I have a deep love for Sierra Leone. I've learned about their long civil war and my first sponsored child, lovely Abu-Bakarr is from there.

Today, I got my email telling me that my donation has gotten to the child and they sent me this a picture and a story.

Mohamed is 13 years old. He and his two sisters and two brothers live with their parents in a two bedroom apartment with electricity, but no running water. Mohamed's father is the main provider of the home with a monthly income of $60, which is not enough to cover their basic needs. Mohamed's mother is a petty trader that helps her husband in providing for the home. Mohamed attends high school and wants to be a computer engineer when he grows up.

Mohamed and his family extend their thanks to you, Kayla, for the provision of this bed net, as it will help ensure that Mohamed remains healthy as he grows older so he can pursue his dreams.

I think provision must be a favorite word in Sierra Leone, becasue I see it a lot in the letters that I receive from my sponsored child.

I am just so happy. For only $10, I changed the life of a teenage boy halfway around the world. How wonderful.


  1. That is amazing... thanks for sharing. I too, found an awesome site. It is called Come Together Trading... have you seen it?

    I ordered some of their $5 bracelets for gifts. They came in... I love them.

    I think it is great to give back.

    going to check out your link.


  2. Teena, I have seen Come Together Trading. I absolutely love their home decor! I wish I had more shelf space for everything I see I like.

  3. Love it!! So awesome!