Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Boy Needs A Family!

This post will have nothing to do with child sponsorship, but I feel as if I absolutely must post this on my blog.

There is a 15 year old in Eastern Europe, named Johnathan who is an orphan and desperatly needs to find a home.

He is turning 16 years old in one week and will age out of the system. He will be sent out into the world to fend for himself with no money and hardly any belongings. If he doesn't find a family in only one week, that will be it for him.

Does this young man belong in your family?

There are a few catches though: You must be a married couple, and you must have adopted before. I have neither of those things going for me, so all I can do is post this, spread the news, and pray like crazy.

To find out more information about Johnathan and this process, read this blog entry: A Different Drum   .

If you can't adopt him, please spread the news or post a blog entry of your own. Let's find this boy a family in time for Christmas!

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