Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Letters

I have never before posted what I send to the children that I sponsor, but I think it may be a new thing that I do. I usually write/send packages to my children 1-2 times a month and I send them emails 1-2 times a month. I like the idea of posting them to give others inspiration of things to send, as well as so I can remember things I've sent in the past. So without further ado:

I am sending Abu-Bakarr a paddle ball, a little wooden tic-tac-toe game, two bowls (I got four for a dollar at Walmart), and some sport ball stickers. In his letter I'm going to ask him how his Christmas went and how he celebrated it with his family.

Xhuliano is getting the same two bowls as Abu-Bakarr, a comb, and a whistle and some sport ball stickers. I know Xhuliano loves soccer and I thought it might be fun to have an official with a whistle while he plays soccer with his friends. In his letter I'm going to ask him all about soccer and who is favorite team/player is. Then maybe I can hopefully find some soccer merch to send him.

I'm sending beautiful Meena a letter about the stars and the moon and about how God created space in all of it's awe and majesty. I found this amazing adult coloring page to send too, as well as some butterfly stickers, simply because they are shiny and pretty.

To my CI boys, Freily and Eric, I'm sending them a letter/coloring pages that tell about different kinds of airplanes. I think all boys like learning more about different kinds of transportation and aren't all humans fascinated in flying and how it's possible?

I'm pumped to start writing these letters to my kiddos! It's 8 p.m now. I bet you I do this for the rest of the night.


  1. I recently bought a whistle to send Esperance as well :) It has a little compass on the side and I bought one for her brother as well. (She has two sisters too, but at age 2 & 17 I don't think they are age appropriate for the sisters. Esperance and her brother are age 9 & 7 and I think will enjoy them)

    I just got a letter from her on Friday and posted it to my blog :) So excited, I love hearing from her.