Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Call From World Vision

I've heard it from enough people to know that a child sponsorship organization doesn't call you to say "Hi" and "I hope everything is going well."

They call you to tell you something sad or discouraging. It's a sad truth, but that's how it is.

I got a call this morning and later got a voicemail from World Vision about my sponsored child Abu-Bakarr.

In October, I talked to World Vision about how I had not received Abu's progress report yet and it had been well over a year. They told me to wait another month and then let them know again. So, on November 1st, I called them again saying that I still hadn't received anything. They told me that they would pass the message along to the office in Sierra Leone and that I would get an replacement copy sent to me.

Today they called me and told me that they still hadn't received any response from the office in Sierra Leone. No whatsoever. Not even a confirmation that they had received the message. This worries me. Is something wrong? Did something happen to Abu and they just don't want to tell me? It scares me a little bit.

I'm hoping they are just busy with the Christmas season and getting ready for the ADP to close for Christmas break and just haven't had time to answer the message yet.

I'm hoping.

I'm praying.

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