Friday, December 9, 2011

My Wonderful Friend Rosie

I think I mentioned her in passing, but I feel like I need to post a whole entry about my dear friend Rosie.

When I was unsure that I could afford to sponsor another child, she is the one that stepped up and agreed to put $15 a month towards my newest kiddo, Xhuliano. That act changed everything! I could afford an extra $20 a month! $20 is like nothing! Less than a tank of gas, a few McDonalds trips, two movies at the theater.

With her help, I am able to do this. Xhuliano and I are now connected and we will never be disconnected.

God is working through my friend Rosie and I can't even put into words how much I appreciate both of them.

This month, she is actually sending me $30 to cover her share of the sponsorship, as well as extra goodies to send to my sponsored kiddos.

She is an angel.

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  1. Friends like that are so great!!! Happy you have her in your life!