Thursday, December 1, 2011

See Your Impact

I have found a new cause!

Go to this website: See Your Impact . This place is amazing!

For a small amount of money you can directly impact the life of one person. You can choose to sort out different causes by age group, region, and categories (education, disease, water, jobs, disabilities, etc). You are presented with some causes that you can choose from. You donate your amount of money and the amazing happens!

In only two short week, you receive a picture a story of the exact person that you helped!

Today, I sent $10 to Sierra Leone to buy a child a mosquito net. I can't wait to get the picture of the child I helped in my email.

I'm going to make this a new thing I do. On the 1st of every month, I'm going to support one of these causes. I'm happy because they have a wide range of prices for things because I never know how each month is going to look financially.

Check back in two weeks for the picture and story of the lovely child I helped.

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