Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lots of Letters: Part Two!

It's time to continue the post from earlier this week. I know that I said I wouldn't have long, overwhelming posts, but well, I lied. I was going to post six letters, but it's actually only five. I miscounted originally.

So, the adventure begins! There are some great letters in this bunch!

Kwizera is up first. He was chatty in this letter!

Kwizera is 12 years old and lives in Rwanda. He wrote this letter on December 21st, 2016.


Dear Kayla, Beloved Sponsor,

I first greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I and my family greet you and love you so much. We pray for you that God may bless you. In Rwanda, we are experiencing sunshine and we grow beans. We shall celebrate Christmas on December 25th and it will be on Sunday and we shall go for prayers with my brother. In the project, the gave us rice, cooking oil and soap. I and my family are happy about it. I was also happy for the letter that you sent me telling me about your friend who wants to be my friend also.  At school, I scored 59% (equivalent to a C grade in the U.S) marks and I was the 10th in my class. I sat for the national examination. Pray for me that I may pass. I end by wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Kwizera Yves


Now a letter from Celeste. I swear her letters get longer and longer each time I hear from her. Can't say I don't love that! 

Celeste is 14 years old and lives in Honduras. Her letter is dated February 15th, 2017. 


Hi Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I hope that you and your beautiful family are very well in health. I am very well, thanks to God. I want to make you aware of the beautiful experience in the camp that I attend at the CDC. We were there 3 days and it was very nice. We learned things at camp. The place was called Jerusalem. The theme that we had was Metamorphosis. We made prayer requests in front of a campfire and did many dramas. During the vigil it was a beautiful experience. We learned many good things. I will pray for Chloe's arm to heal (It was healed last July) and I am going to pray for Gage and you. My favorite toys were always Barbies. I always liked to play them with my cousin Evelin. We had a good time at the Christmas dinner. We had a very rich dinner and at the end of the night, we exchanged gifts. We gave a very special gift to my grandmother. Among all the family, we gave her a television. Everything was very nice and special. It was such a great night. My perfect day would be to spend it with my friends on the football field and then have a sleepover where we would tell scary stories and jokes. It would be very nice. I say goodbye with a strong hug and many kisses, thanking you for always remembering me. I hope to receive one of your beautiful letters soon. 

With Much Love and Affection, 


Next, a letter from Rujikorn. She is keeping up with the pattern of long, chatty letters. Man, I love my kids so much! Rujikorn is also my most talented artist and she included four different drawings with this letter. Some for her prayer partner, Agness, and others for the kid I nanny for. What a sweet girl!

Rujikorn is 12 years old and lives in Thailand. Her letter is dated January 25th, 2017.


Dear Kayla, 

I am happy and thank you so much for your letter and beautiful photo. I like it a lot. I enjoy writing to you. Thank you so much for the Christmas gift. The project bought me a blanket. My family and I are so warm with it because it is so cold here. We celebrated Christmas at the project. I listened to the sermon about the birth of Christ in Bethlehem. He was in a manger in the cold. It is a great love from God to you and me and all believers. Please send my regards to Agness. I will pray for her. Please also send to Gage and Chloe. Their photos make me happy and encourage me. I will draw for you all because I miss everyone so much. You are like one of my family. I will pray for you and ask God to provide you children. I believe that God is able like when he provided Sarah a baby, even though she was 90 years old. I watched the Olympic games on TV. I like it a lot. My favorite sport is volleyball. I like to hear about expert athletes. I wish to be an expert athlete too. I enjoy going to school every day. After school, my sister and I help do the housework and then we do homework. I usually take my sister for playing sports on the pitch, if we don't have homework. It is fun. I wish to take you playing sports, if you lived near me. It might be much fun. I attend project activities every Saturday. I have learned many things. My friends and I have fun. My parents do odd jobs some days when somebody employs them. They usually grow veggies or harvest cabbage. My parents and I are so happy that you are my good sponsor. Please pray for my studies and my family's wealth. My family and I remember you in our prayers. God bless you! 

With Love and Regards in Christ, 


Onto a letter from Daniel Lemayian (I use both names because I still have NO IDEA which name he prefers). So far, this guy has been slow to open up. I will keep writing faithfully until that day! 

Daniel Lemayian is 17 years old and lives in Kenya. His letter is dated December 13th, 2016. 


Dear Kayla, 

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I am doing well and God has really blessed me and my family. I am doing well in the project. I hope and trust that you are doing well together with your family. I thank you for the letters that you have sent for me. I am very happy to see them. I appreciate you for the support that you give me. I pray for you and I wish you a Christmas blessing. May the Almighty God bless you and your family. Bye. 


The last letter for today is from Maria. She is another example of a child who has really just blossomed in her letter writing. It's so great to see these kids go from shy to so expressive. 

Maria is 12 years old and lives in Brazil. Her letter is dated January 18th, 2017. 


Dear Sponsor, 

How are you? I am fine. My literature fair was very nice and the subject was Heroes and Villains. In my classroom we all wore costumes and presented several dramas about it. What is your favorite movie? I like all kinds of movies. I went to the movies with my mom and my brother and his girlfriend Gisele. We watched a movie called "Minha Mae e Uma Peca 2". It is a Brazilian comedy and it was very nice. How were your Christmas and New Year? Mine was good. I spent Christmas with my family. I give you a hug and kiss. For your meditation: John 14:6, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." 

Your Sponsored Child,


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