Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Letters from Five Chatty Boys

A few days ago, I wrote a post with an almost identical title. My girls had been chatting up a storm! Well, I guess my boys got jealous because since then, I have received a ton of letters from all boys. I will share five of them today. From youngest to oldest, let's begin!

I start with a letter from little Daniel. I am amazed because this is the 3rd letter I've received from him this year. As you know, it's only March, which happens to be the 3rd month of the year. Hearing from a kid once a month isn't bad at all. ;) This particular letter is written on the What I Like Best template.

Daniel is 7 years old and lives in Ecuador. He wrote this letter on January 18th, 2017.


1. The game I like most is: Soccer 

2. And this is how I play it: With a ball 

3. My favorite subject at school is: Mathematics 

4. Please pray for: My parents

5. I want to thank you for: Writing to me 

6. What I enjoy doing most with my family is: Going for walks

7. My favorite place to visit is: The circus because I can see many animals. 

8. I also want to say that: You are always in my prayers 


Now a letter from Bryan. After a long six month wait, this is my very first letter from him! His letter is written on the Festivals & Holidays template. 

Bryan is 8 years old and lives in Nicaragua. He wrote his letter on January 26th, 2017. 


1. Our National festivals/holidays are: Christmas 

2. My favorite festival/holiday is: Bible Day 

3. My favorite celebrates festivals/holidays by: Eating & Visiting Family 

4. At the project, we celebrate Christmas with: Food, Games, & Praying

5. My favorite food to eat during celebrations are: Stuffed Chicken 

Hello dear sponsor! I'm happy to count on your love and friendship. I hope God always blesses you. Amen. 


Onto a letter from Enmanuel. I was happy to hear all about Christmas celebrations in this letter! 

Enmanuel is 9 years old and is from the Dominican Republic. The letter is dated February 2nd, 2017. 


Dear Kayla, 

Hi! May God bless you. I am so grateful for all your letters you have sent me. They are very beautiful and I like them so much. You have such a beautiful family. May God bless you all a lot. Here in the center, we celebrated Christmas with a delicious dinner and my family made a special dinner too. I really like rice pudding with cinnamon. I have a toy car. I play with it at my friend's house. My favorite color is red. They are going to celebrate my birthday, even though the date is far away. We celebrate birthdays with cake, candy, balloons, and toys. I ask you to pray for my family. I say goodbye with love. 



Now we move onto teenagers who seem to think they don't need to draw me pictures anymore. Haha. This letter is from Lamayian, who I have been calling Daniel for a really long time now. I have asked him what name he likes to be called and he has finally answered me. 

Lamayian is 17 years old and lives in Kenya. This letter is dated February 25th, 2017. 


Dear Sponsor, 

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I am doing well and God has really blessed me and my family. I am doing well in the project. I hope and trust that you are doing well with your family. I thank you for the letters that you have sent to me.  I am very happy to see them. I appreciate you for the support you support me from far up to today. I pray for you for all that you wish. I like to be called Lamayian, which means Blessed. I am happy to know that we like the same kind of food. I am encouraged by the lesson on Ezekiel who got a vision. I know through God we shall have great visions. I also saw the pictures of the athletes who are good in athletics. Goodbye. 


Last up, a letter from Nikko. His letters have moved my heart since the very beginning. He has always written from his heart and shares very well. I am touched by the fact that he thanks for me for supporting him, even though he didn't graduate from school. As if that could ever make me stop loving him. 

He appears to have gotten a large stack of letters from me all at the same time. There was obviously some kind of delay in his project getting letters delivered. That explains the fact that it's been over four months since I last heard from him. Nikko has often been one of my most dedicated writers. 

Nikko is 18 years old and lives in the Philippines. His letter is dated February 15th, 2017. 


Dear Ms. Kayla, 

Hello my friend! It's been awhile since I've written you a letter. I received many letters from you and also pictures. Thank you so much. I don't really know where to start with all of the questions you have on your letters. Let me first start from my Christmas celebration. I see you celebrated your Christmas with your family and it was a joyous one. About mine, I celebrated it with my family also. It was simple, with few food, but it was joyful. Thank you, by the way, my friend, for greeting me on my birthday. I heard it late, though, because of delayed letters, but I still appreciated it. Thank you also for sharing your stories. I feel sorry to you that I was not able to finish my studies. I thank you for understanding and supporting me still. Now I am glad to tell you that I have started a small business called Ukay-Ukay. It is selling used clothes from other countries. I'm glad I earn money to help my family. Today we are experiencing windy weather. Yesterday was Valentine's Day. What did you do yesterday? Please continue to pray for me here. 


Romans 5:8 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." 


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