Thursday, September 1, 2016

Scores of New Kids!

You may have noticed a whole slew of new faces on the sidebar of my blog. Well, I am happy to welcome nine new children to my family! A friend of mine has been struggling to write to as many children as she had and, so kindly, asked if I would be willing to write to some of them. I gladly accepted and added eight of her children to my account. The ninth child was assigned to me by Compassion.

So, here are my nine lovely, new correspondent children:

5 Year old Zenebu from Ethiopia

9 Year Old Ayling from Nicaragua

8 Year Old Becca from Philippines

6 Year Old Daniel from Ecuador

9 Year Old Jhayra from Peru

12 Year Old Jhojaira from Peru

14 Year Old Marinelis from Dominican Republic

3 Year Old Nicol from Colombia

17 Year Old Yahoska from Nicaragua

I will certainly be busy getting to know all of these great kids! As always, I am so excited to write to them! 


  1. You are a blessing to so many! What is your grand total now?

    1. I am at 60 kids and I'm full up! The collage I keep of my kids is full. And my heart is full too. :)

  2. That's so exciting! I was also going to ask how many kids you have now. That's so fun that you filled up your collage and heart <3

  3. How fun to get so many new kids at once!