Monday, September 12, 2016

Project Director Letter: CO-384

Today, we hear from CO-384, where my two boys Daniel and Jonatan attend. Their project is still new (at 11 years old, my Daniel is among the oldest kids) and is in a very poor area of Colombia. I am so grateful Compassion works in this area.


Dear Kayla, 

We greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! My name is Libia G. I am the center director of the child development center (CO-384.) We are located in the Orinoquia region, which is located  in Colombia where your sponsored child attends. Thank you for sponsoring Daniel and Jonatan. 

An actual photo of one building at CO-384

I thank God for sponsorship, friendship and affection for our children. It is a great blessing to hear a child say that it is very good that someone from a distance cares about them who is far but their heart is close to them. The community has several problems such as parents abandoning children, extreme poverty, both economically and mentally. Through the center there is more contact with the community to present Christ as our savior. Most of the children lack affection. They also lack spiritual and cognitive orientation.

The sponsored children have begun to discover that they have talents and ministries that we are beginning to uncover. The center has caused and continues to cause a great impact on the neighborhood. Many testify about the positive changes in their children and others long to enroll their children. It is also being recognized by the Christian work of its social activities such as lunches for children, community kitchens, and evangelist marches. All who are part of this beautiful work tutors, insurers and cooks, have shared very valuable and beautiful experiences working with children. Children feel the change in their lives; they express this with words and others only with facts. We also see the fruit because children come to Bible classes on Sundays.

Campaigns have been conducted with children where God continues to support each activity carried out with the kids. We have had the privilege of having the visit of sponsors to our center where the experience was very beautiful. Eighty children receiving the group of sponsors dressed as soldiers and singing and sharing with them very happily. The center has a great sponsorship which has been a great blessing.

During the year the children have approximately received four deliveries of letters. For each child their letter is of great importance amid the lack of time with their parents. Children who do not receive letters are very sad. For this reason we encourage sponsors to write to their sponsored child. Sponsors are always in our prayers. We pray that God will continue working in their lives and bless them abundantly. Again, thank you for sponsoring Daniel and Jonatan! 


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