Monday, September 26, 2016

Project Director Letter: HA-733

Another Monday, another project letter. I know these aren't the most exciting posts that I do, but I love having them written down in a place where I can't lose them. Single pieces of paper quickly get lost in the shuffle around here (and ultimately get thrown in the trash). Anything I want to keep, long-term, gets upload to the internet. Plus, I love getting a glimpse into my children's lives with these letters.

Today, we hear from HA-733, which is the project that my little one, Veronika attends. All of these letters are great, but I really like this one. Her project sounds like a wonderful place for the kids to spend time!


Dear Kayla, 

My name is Jean Renuce Modesty. I am the leader of the Church of God in Nippes, Haiti. We are the Carrefour Honore Child Development Center that ministers to Veronika, your sponsored child. 

Actual Photo from Nippes, Haiti

I am so delighted and honored to greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I congratulate you for your financial supports and prayers. The staff, the center board, the church, and the parents greet you, and we will continue to pray for you. 

Although our financial situation is getting more and more difficult, God does not stop blessing us richly. We have a water shortage, we need a vocational school, and at church, we need certain infrastructures and rehabilitation. I trust that the almighty God will continue to do great things in our ministry. May His name be exalted! 

The church staff thanks you for your support and your financial help in the community. I am delighted to share the impact of the program in the children's lives through the local church and in the community. The children can go to school and learn a vocation. The children love God and they like to read the Bible. Many of them accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord. Thanks to your support, they can get healthcare, their school fees are covered, and they get the privilege of taking part in the spiritual retreats, camps, evangelism, and other activities organized by the center staff. They learn how to live in brotherhood and they share their knowledge. 

I want you to know that the letters and photos mean a lot in the sponsor-child relationship. This correspondence permits them to share information about their families , their country, and their culture. Also, the letters allow the sponsors to be informed about the children's progress at school, church, club, and within their families. Sponsor visits are a wonderful face to face meeting after several years of correspondence. They are so joyful to see each other in person. 

The children are trained in how to take care of themselves from the infectious and contagious diseases. Your support chip in to change their lives, because it reduces the rate of juvenile delinquency. The children of the program are so different from the others in the community. We continue to help the children become accomplished and cheerful Christian adults. I like working with the children and I trust that through this program, the children can become accomplished, self-sufficient, and encouraged in church. 

I pray that Compassion and the sponsors will keep up this partnership for the well-being and future of the children. Thanks to your support, we were able to offer instruction to the children in the areas of music, filming, sewing, electricity, and tiling. We have club meetings with musical liveliness every Saturday. We also have choir rehearsal at the center. Also, many parents get to learn how to protect a child and the children learn to protect themselves from abuse of all kinds. 

I say goodbye while feeling really thankful because we can count on your sponsorship to Veronika, and because I know you love our children. 

The church, the center staff, and the parents wish you success in everything you are undertaking in life. 

God bless you, 
Jean Renuce Modesty


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