Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Letters from some Girls, Both Small and Big

Last month, I received quite a few letters, which was super exciting! I originally sat down today to tell you about the letters that I wrote to my kids in August, but it turns out, I didn't write one. Not a theme letter, anyway. However, many of my kids got a response letter to a letter I received in July or August. Some of my children didn't get a letter at all from me in August. However, I've already written twice this month and intend to write again, so there is balance to everything.

So far this month, I have received two letters; one letter from one of my littlest girls and another letter from one of my biggest girls. I love hearing from both of them.

First up, a letter from Sweet Carolin. She wrote on the How I Have Fun template. Carolin is 4 years old and lives in the Dominican Republic. She wrote this letter on June 29th, 2016.

Plus, Carolin is going to be a big sister! Whoo hoo! Carolin has an older sister already and will soon have another sibling join the group.


1. In my free time I like to play: with my teddy bear

2. When I am inside, I like to: play with my doll

3. When I am outside, I like to: play with my ball

4. The sport I most like to play is: Jump rope

Dear Kayla,

May God bless you today and always! This is the child's wish. She says that she and her family are well and are happy for the letters you send her. She says her best friend from the center is Arianny. She says she goes to church sometimes. Please pray for the child's mother who is pregnant. She says goodbye with love. 



The other letter I received is from Enatenesh. In her letter, she answers some of my questions. In one of her answers, she mentions when she sees old people. I don't recall asking a question about old people, so there must have been a translation error somewhere, but I do love her answer. She is a very sweet girl.

Enatenesh is 19 years old and lives in Ethiopia. Her letter is dated June 1st, 2016.


Dear Kayla, 

Greetings to you my beloved sponsor. I am my family are fine. Thank you for your support. I received an exercise book, pen, bag, wheat, and cloth. Thank you. The climate is cold in our country. What about with you? I took my exam and I am waiting for the results and I am helping my parents. Answers to your questions: 

- I want to learn about computer science. 
- I want to learn. 
- I want to help parentless children.
- When I see old people, I wish that I could get old and thank God for giving me life. 

Goodbye, until I meet you in the next letter. 



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