Monday, August 1, 2016

Project Director Letter: ET-439

Let's head back to Ethiopia today and hear about project ET-439. This is the project that my young man, Taye attends. Taye has been a tough one to connect with, but I love him very much and think pray for him all the time. I am happy he attends a loving project.


Dear Kayla,

My name is Anteneh Sesha and I am the Project Direction of the Compassion International Child Development Center attended by your sponsored child. Thank you so much for sponsoring Taye. The center is in partnership with Chuko Full Gospel Church. The center is located in Sidama Zone, Chuko Town, in Ethiopia. I would like to thank you a lot for the support. May God bless you! 

The center has been providing the sponsored children with educational supports, health care, clothes, shoes, and several other supports. Their families have been provided with a lot of support also. Let me tell stories of some children. 

One boy joined when he was 6 and he is 17 years old at present. He is from a family in need and his parents have many children. They were not in a position to send him to school. However, through your support, he has been able to attend his studies and he is an outstanding student. He took 10th grade National Exam and he is waiting for the result. I hope he will score an excellent result and join preparatory school. The center is providing him with various handicraft training and he is actively participating in various clubs at the center. He wants to study medicine and serve his people. 

Through the support from individual sponsors, our center was able to buy 47 seats and 2 tables for the children's library. We would like to thank you a lot. 

Children feel great joy when they receive letters from their sponsors. Letters strengthen the relationship between sponsors and children and create a family bond between them. Children read letters for their family and they place letters in important places. One girl has been keeping letters and pictures from her sponsors with care and she shows them to people visiting her family. 

These children are the future engineers, doctors, managers, pilots, etc, and it gives me great pleasure working with the future generation. 

Sponsorship has impacted the lives of many children in meaningful ways. Some of the children are participating in various ministries at church, such as song choir, playing music for the church, and prayer group. Niftalem Song Choir is one of the four song choirs in our church and it was established by center children. 

I encourage the sponsors to come and see the change in the lives of these children. Please pray that God would bless our country. Also, please pray these children will be fruitful for their country and their families. I also ask you to pray the church would remain resilient in fulfilling the vision of this great ministry. 

Thank you for your sponsorship. Thank you again for your support of Taye. Remain blessed! 

Anteneh Sesha


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