Thursday, August 18, 2016

Letters to My Kids: July 2016

Hey! It's only a little over halfway through August and I'm posting about my July letters. Not too bad of a timeline at all, compared to how bad I've been at this in the past, haha.

Last month, I only had time to write one letter, as opposed to my usual two or three. The woman who basically runs the show at my part-time job is about to have a baby and for the 8 weeks that she is on maternity leave, I'll be taking over a semi-large chunk of her job, while I am there on the weekends. In July (and still now), I've been taking extra time at work to be trained in some of these new procedures. Talk about busy! But, I think I can do it! If not, thankfully there will be other people there to direct my questions to.

Anyway, due to the fact that I basically just at work in July, I sent my kids another one of my famous lists of questions. I send these lists a couple time a year because my kids love them. They are always so responsive to these lists and most of the kids answer all of the questions that I send. I just make up a list of questions that I want to know the answer to or questions that I think are fun. In this letter, I also answered all of the questions myself, so they can get to know this information about me, as well. I'm hoping for some great answers in return.

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