Monday, August 8, 2016

Project Director Letter: IN-967

It's time to hear from another one of my favorite projects, IN-967! This project is situated in a remote village in the Himalayan Mountains. It gets very cold in the village in the winter. Because of it's remoteness, there are literally no job opportunities in the village. Nearly 100% of the adults are unemployed and schools are very poor. Thanks to Compassion, schools have been created and the children are receiving a good education and parents are being taught money-earning skills. Compassion has really brought change to this village.


Dear Kayla, 

I am V. the Project Director of the Child Development Center in Uttarakhand, India where your sponsored child attends. On behalf of the children and the entire center, I would like to express my gratitude to you for sponsoring Khushi. We believe that your contribution will bring a change for eternity. The children in our center are so receptive to the voice of God that, at times, even we are astonished. We can only say with the psalmist that God is working and it is marvelous in our eyes. 

Due to poverty and poor economic conditions, the people involve themselves in unlawful activities, such as making homemade liquor. The children become the victims to domestic violence at home. Many of the fathers become alcoholics and there is continued struggle in the families. Families break and the children suffer. In all of this, children are not able to get an education, proper nourishment, and so on. They become victims of social deprivation. Hence, there is a need of education in the community. We need to restore families and uplift the children, as well as the people in the community. 

In all of this, we praise God for using the center to bring a change for the better. The center is able to have an impact on the community. We visit families and counsel them. We encourage each parent to learn and grow. They open their homes for us to enter with the love of God. We pray with them and hold trainings for the parents and the people in the community to help them learn and start vocations of their own. We have counselling and workshops for alcoholics. 

I wish to share a testimony here. One of our fathers had a severe chest pain and was admitted to the hospital and they determined that he had a heart attack. He was then rushed to the intensive care unit where doctors found a hole in his heart. The child and mother began to cry and we comforted them by saying God will heal him. The father started recovering and returned home soon. The family's faith in God was solidified and now they regularly attend church. 

The children have been admitted to school and they are regularly encouraged and inspired to study well. The children who were malnourished and physically weak are no gaining strength and nourishment through the efforts of the center. The children who were affected by caste intolerance and were facing a lack of self-confidence are now improving a lot. 

God continues to keep our vision vivid and sharp. It is a vision that one day all the children in our center will become committed followers of God. They will be a part of the church and will be the agents of transformation wherever they go. 

I want to thank the sponsors for being the most important part in the process of the children's transformation. The relationship that is developed through letters, prayers, and support means a lot to the children. The relationship can lead to remarkable changes. Changes that we all will cherish for eternity! All our children become very thrilled whenever they receive a letter. Thank you for sponsoring Khushi! 

Please continue to pray for the children. Pray for the center and the staff. Pray that we will continue to press on, come what may! Thank you so much! May God bless you richly! 



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