Monday, August 29, 2016

Project Director Letter: TZ-231

Hello again, everyone! Happy Monday morning! It's time to read another letter from another one of my children's centers. This one is from TZ-231, which is where my boy Haji attends.


Dear Kayla, 

I greet you in the name of Jesus! My name is Frederick, the leader of the church that hosts ELCT Bagamoyo Student Center where your sponsored child attends. The center is located in Bagamoyo District, Pwani Region, Tanzania at the shores of the Indian Ocean. 

Thank you for supporting Haji. Contributions from sponsors like you make a difference in the children's lives spiritually, cognitively, socio-emotionally, and physically. 

Our region is among the four regions in Tanzania that are ranked as very poor. Most of the people are Muslims and there is a massive illiteracy rate. Then men are engaged in small-scale fishing and the women sell items, such as okra, green leaves, and fish. Since the economy is not good, the local church needs to mobilize resources to help the people. 

Our center's vision is to be a great place of hope where the children are inspired to be the best they can. We want to nurture a network of stakeholders and together, create mutual, enduring value. We also want to be a responsible center that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities. 

We will teach the children English and math class, which are the two subjects that they need the most help in. Spiritually, the children are developing well. We have started Bible competitions among the children to test their knowledge of the Word of God and to encouraged them to reflect Jesus in their daily lives. This past year, ten children have confessed Jesus as their savior. The center is also ensuring that all children who fall sick are getting good treatment. In addition, we have started cleanliness campaigns and have distributed mosquito nets to the children. As a result, no children have died from malaria lately. 

When sponsors send gifts to the children, they are used to fulfill the wishes and needs of the children, reducing the financial burden on the family. The children are very happy when they receive letters from their sponsors. They feel valued, and they look forward to writing to their sponsors and telling them about what is going on in their lives. They feel that someone cares for them and that they have a friend overseas. Please write a letter to Haji. 

Please pray with us for the spiritual and physical health of the children, as well as their families and community. We will pray for you as well. 

Thank you again for your support for Haji. May you stay blessed! 

Yours in Christ, 


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