Thursday, August 11, 2016

Looooong Letter from Lina

Goodness, gracious, I love those Colombian kids and teens. They write some of the most wonderful and long letters. I especially love this letter because Lina wrote an entire extra page, which she decorated beautifully.

Lina is 17 years old. Her letter is dated May 10th, 2016.


Dear Kayla,

I hope our good God blesses you greatly and abundantly. I want to tell you about my spiritual life. First of all, I can tell you that the person from whom I learn the most about God is my tutor Cindy. In the CDC, I'm learning that God takes care of me in my sadness moments and foremost, He is love. About the bible, I have learnt that it is a manual the Lord has given us to live our lives. By the way, my favorite bible stories are Esther and Job and my favorite verses is Isaiah 43:2. My favorite song is "Nadie Me Dijo" (Nobody Told Me). On the other hand, I can tell you that what I like the most about learning from Jesus is that he intercedes for me before His father. When I pray, I always pray for my family. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support through your prayers, letters, and contributions. In fact, with the money gift, I could buy a pair of pants, a blouse, and a pair of shoes. I want you to pray for Colombia because we are prone to earthquakes. Do you also have propensity for these natural disasters in your country? At last, I can tell you that I am happy because in the CDC, I am part of a group called the Nomads. We impact other young people with evangelism. Answering your questions: I can tell you that in the CDC, we are learning income-generating activities. They are teaching me to make handicrafts in wood, like chests and frames. Everybody at home is fine and I am enjoying good health. My graduation will be in 2018 and I'll be enrolled in the Compassion program until age 22. Yes, there is a university close to my home. As for me being sad, I can tell you that I have had difficult times, but God has been my help. I always imagine Jesus and his 12 disciples in unity. What makes me happy in God's presence is praying and praising him. Darkness frightens me. I look like my mom. I am right-handed. My wish is to impact other young people, preaching in a creative way. I would establish a law that young people can study for free. I realized I had a sponsor by the letters you sent to the CDC. I haven't any awards, so far. I'd like to meet many people, but especially Lilly Goodman. I don't have a nickname. If I had a garden, I would plant guava trees. Would you live to visit my country? What is your favorite song? What don't other sponsors write to their sponsored children? 



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