Monday, June 30, 2014

Two Letters to Wrap Up June

This has been a great letter month for me! It has actually been a record letter month. In June, I received 22 letters from 19 children. That is quite amazing, if I may say so myself!

Today, I received another letter Sadiya and a letter from Wendjy.

I will share Sadiya's letter first. This is the 2nd letter I've gotten from her in the last week. Yay! She must be in a letter writing mood.

Sadiya is 10 years old and lives in India. This letter is dated April 9th, so it was written a month before the letter I shared over the weekend. It must have gotten lost somewhere along the way. Glad it found its way to me.


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I greet you in the sweetest name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am doing good here. I am so glad reading your letter. My father, mother, brother, and sisters are doing good. I got a pass from 3rd grade and promoted to 4th grade. You are looking so pretty in the picture. Where do you get all the pictures for me? Here, the weather is turning summer, which I really don't like. Why don't you like the winter season? 

Here in our country there is an election for the seat of Prime Minister. Does this happen in your country? 

What is your favorite food? I miss you a lot. Please pray for my family. 

Your's Lovingly,


Now the letter from Wendjy. I seem to finally be seeing a little personality showing itself in his letters. It's good to learn more about him through these letters. 

Wendjy is 19 years old and lives in Haiti. This letter is dated April 21st, 2014. 


Dear Kayla,

I am very happy to communicate with you each time I have the opportunity. How are your activities and health going? I hope all is well with you, thanks to God. I take advantage of this opportunity to tell you about my school. I am preparing to have official exams from June to July. They will last for one week. It will allow me to move to another grade. It's organized by Haitian state. After the exams, schools will be closed. I am doing better in math now because other students worked with me. I ask you to always pray for God to give me more intelligence and memory to succeed in my exams. May God's grace and blessings be with you greatly. 



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  1. 22 letters?! That's so fun!! We received 17 for June. It was a good month. I enjoyed these letters... I like how the older kids sometimes share more details about their lives and their countries and how things work in their culture.