Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three Boys from Projects I Sponsor In

I am always on the lookout for children on the website that attend projects of children that I sponsor in/correspond with.

Recently, I have found three boys who are all waiting for sponsors. These three boys attend wonderful Compassion projects. These projects hold great programs for the kids and are so loving to the children that attend.

*These three projects are up-to-date with the current letter writing policy and I get letters from all three of these projects every 2 months**

Here are the precious kiddos:

This cutie is Abdi. He is 6 years old. His birthday is coming up on July 26th. He lives with his parents and one sibling. His father is employed, but his mother is not. Abdi helps his mother at home by making beds, running errands, and cleaning. For fun, Abdi likes to play soccer, play group games, and play with cars. 

Abdi is from project HO-352, in Honduras. The area he lives in is very poor, a full time worker only earning about $180 a month. His community really needs quality school, more jobs, and alcohol and drug rehabilitation. 

He has been waiting 326 days for a sponsor

This handsome young man is Ravidas. He just turned 12 on June 22nd. Ravidas lives with his parents and one sibling. His parents are both sometimes employed as laborers. Ravidas' chores include making beds, cleaning, and running errands. For fun, he enjoys art, playing ball games, and reading. 

Ravidas attends project IN-905 (in India). This is where my boy Kalpesh attends. If you have been a follower of my blog for even a short time, you know how great of letters Kalpesh writes! He has told me all about the project and how much fun they have there. I know that they play games, do skit, have big birthday and Christmas parties, learn about the bible, eat great food, and just have an overall great time. 

Ravidas has been waiting 241 days for a sponsor.

Up next is Mohit. This handsome guy is 9 years old. His birthday is May 9th. Mohit lives with his father and one sibling. His father is sometimes employed as a laborer. Mohit helps his family by buying/selling in the market and making beds. For fun, he likes art, running, and walking. 

Mohit attends project IN-967 (the same as my Khushi). This project is located in a little village in the Himalayan Mountains. The weather here can be very cold and it does snow in the winter. The children here often do not have quality clothes to keep warm and homes are not heated. Typical foods here include wheat and rice. Many families simply can not afford things like meat, fruit, and vegetables. Compassion provides these foods for the children. Most of the adults in this community do not have jobs, because there aren't really any jobs to be had. Some adults travel out of the city and work as laborers, earning about $30 a month. 

Mohit has been waiting for a sponsor for 241 days

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