Friday, June 27, 2014

Love From India

Today I received letters from three of my Indian children. My children in Indian are easily some of my best and most consistent writers. The projects there really seem to have mastered how to teach the children to share details with their sponsors. I feel like I'm learning so much about them with each passing letter.

First up, is a letter from Sadiya. When my sponsored children have a birthday coming up, I like to write them a letter telling them what it was like when I was their age. With these letters, I also included pictures of me when I was the same age as them. It seems that Sadiya appreciates this. :)

Sadiya is 10 years old. This letter is dated May 8th, 2014


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I greet you in the sweet name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am doing good here with my parents, brother, and sisters. I'm hoping you are also doing the same. I was so glad reading your letter, especially about the two children whom you look after. They are looking so cute. You are so good. You work very hard to help me. One thing, the 10th birthday photo is looking very good. There is a kid near to you, who is that? You go to your job at 7:45 a.m and I often go to school at 8:00 a.m. I directly come to the project from my school. Now I am studying in class 4th. I am very much happy to enter into a new class. My school and project's summer vacation will start very soon. The weather is becoming very hot. How is the weather there? Please pray for me and for my family. 

I miss you a lot! 

Yours Lovingly,


Next up is a letter from Khushi. Her letters are getting longer and longer each time. She writes in English, so she can use both sides of the paper, if she wants to. She always writes in beautiful cursive (but hard to read. It's always hard for me to read cursive) handwriting and this time she used bright blue ink. Makes the letter extra fun. 

Khushi is the same age as Sadiya, but for whatever reason, Sadiya is in 4th grade (which seems age appropriate) and Khushi is in 7th grade. Blows my mind!

Khushi is 10 years old and this letter was written May 12th, 2014. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Greetings! I pray that you are well. I am also doing well and everybody at my home is good. I have been receiving many letters from you and my teachers at the project read them for me and help me understand them. I also read the letters. I am really glad and blessed to hear from you. Thank you very much for all of the letters. Thank you for sharing many things with me. I love all the sweet pictures of you and the little children. I love the job that you do. I hope both the children are having a great time with you. It is May 12th and days here are getting warmer. We have just finished the wheat crop and are about to sow the rice. I am very happy to get in a new class in school. I am in 7th grade now. I go to school at 7:00 and return at 1:00, then I take my lunch and do homework, then have some rest time. Then in the afternoon at 3:30, I go to the project and return by 5:30. God has been good and faithful to us. Here, all at home are happy. I am happy that we will have a great time at our Vacation Bible camp which is coming up the last week of May. 

My aunty now has a photocopy machine. This is the aunty that lost her husband in the flood here last year. She is earning some money now from it. This machine was gifted to her by our director at the Agage Organization. Both of her children are doing well. I am very happy and thankful to you for your love and prayers. I am also praying for you. I would love to see you someday. 



Lastly, is a letter from Sagar. I was able to send Sagar a cross necklace with a friend on a sponsor tour in March. It seems that he recieved it. Like Sandesh, he also received a blanket. I can't figure out where these blankets are coming from. Both Sandesh and Sagar thank for me for a necklace and a blanket, but I definitely didn't send blankets. Any ideas? 


Dear Kayla,

I am sending joyful greetings to you in the name of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

I am glad to write to you! How are you? Everything is fine here. Tanisha is doing well. She is growing up to 4th grade. 

Thank you for the cross necklace and blanket. I like your gift and your gift is so precious for me. I also like the family photo. It's very nice. 

We have celebrated Easter on April 20th. Our teacher taught us how to make plastic garland and other activities at the project center. We got hygiene materials at the project center. 

I close this letter with much affection and wishes of joy and peace to you and your family, in the name of Jesus. May God bless you and your family! May God give you a long life and many happy days for your sister Jordan. 

Your Loving Son,



  1. Sadiya and Kushi both seem to enjoy hearing about the kids you nanny for!! Kushi sounds advanced....7th grade and only 10?! Wow!! That's such a great idea to send photos of yourself at their age for a birthday letter. Maybe next year's birthday letters I'll do that. And about Sangar thanking you for the blanket, our Feraol in Ethiopia said that the project provides him with soap and blankets, in addition to food supplements and school supplies. So maybe your sponsorship money is letting the project provide blankets?

    1. You're probably right about the blankets. I was just thrown off by both Sandesh and Sagar (in different projects) both thanking me for the necklace and the blanket together. It made it sounds like they received the blankets with the necklaces. But, that can't be true, since I didn't send the blankets.

      I will have to keep telling my sponsored children about the kids that I nanny for. I hope to be with the kids I take care of for many more years, so I think I'll have plenty of opportunities.

  2. Kayla,
    I just got a letter from IN860 Shilraj, thanking me for the blanket. He must have got that for the Christmas gift at the project. A week ago Vikes IN912 thanked me for the book bag and blanket. He must have been referring to Christmas gifts too.