Saturday, June 14, 2014

Eric Answered Every Question!

Eric, the young man that I write to in the Uganda, is truly a wonderful guy. He's just great. The letters he writes are fabulous and you can tell he really puts a lot of effort into them. 

The only downside is that I only hear from Eric every 5-6 months. This time, it had been 6 months since I last heard from him. My last letters were received in December. However, Eric doesn't skimp on writing, so I feel like that makes up for having to wait so long for a letter. 

I think that when Eric settles down to write a letter, he must have every letters I've written to him since he last wrote. Which, in 6 months, would be about 12 or so letters. When he is writing, Eric literally addresses everything I say and answers every question I ask. I ask my older writers a lot of questions, as a way to to boost conversation. I truly do wonder how much time he spends writing these letters. It has to be quite a while. 

I wonder if I should tell him that he won't have to write such long letters if he wrote to me more often than every 5-6 months. ;) 

Anyway, I'll share the letter with you know. Eric is 18 years old. This letter is dated April 2nd, 2014. 


Dear Kayla,

Eric sends greetings to you my beloved friend Kayla. How are you these days? Eric says he is happy for you and for the way you keep him informed about you and what you are doing. Eric says thank you for loving him so much. Your love to him is extreme. Eric says that he is very serious with books. Eric appreciates the so many letters he received. This show how much you think about him. He was happy to know the anniversary date of December 13th, the day you began to write letters to him. 

He was excited to see what snow looks like and how the children play in it. Thank you for praying for Eric, Moses, his mother, project staff and children. He says that all are fine. Thanks for the encouraging verses. Eric is happy to hear that you are a teacher and that you teach young children. 

In response to some questions asked: 

- His younger brother Moses is studying well and he is in Primary 2. His mother is also fine. Eric says that he likes playing with Moses. 

- Are there a lot of babies at your church? Eric says yes, there are a lot of kids at his church and they often have Sunday School lessons away from the elders. 

- Some of the things that make Eric happy are listening to music, visiting his friends, riding a bicycle, and playing football. 

- Eric is always afraid of snakes

- Eric's nickname is Boy. 

- Eric uses his right hand to write 

- Eric gets to bed at 9:30 p.m and wakes up at 6:30 a.m. 

- Eric says he resembles his mother

- Eric's favorite sport is football

- Eric says that he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He says that he likes reading his bible and learning bible stories. 

- Christmas was good and he spent it with his mother and brother Moses. How was yours? We also celebrated at the project together with the children, staff, and parents. It was nice to see your photo, Jordan and her boyfriend, plus your mom. How are they doing? Did you have Christmas together? Is Jordan now working as a policewoman? Send his love to them. 

Eric was happy to see some of the children you teach in their play corner with their toys. How did you find the work that you do? He also received the birthday wishes, animals pages to color, a picture of a pretty rainbow, some alphabet stickers, and an envelope you made out of a map. He would like to thank you for considering him to be your brother. He is so proud of you. As earlier communicate, Eric would like to study Mechanics after completing Primary 7. He requests for you to keep praying for him. 

Eric says that he lives in Uganda country, Kisoro district in South-Western Uganda. The National bird is the Crested Crane. The colors of the flag are black, red, and yellow. Independence Day is October 9th. The National language in English, but in Kisoro they speak Rufumbira. The main religion is Christianity. 

There was also another letter that had some questions about school. Here are responses: 

1. You asked whether they have a library at school. Eric says yes. 
2. Does your school have sports teams? Yes. 
3. Do you have a physical education class at your school? Yes. 
4. Do you have computers at school? No
5. Do boys and girls sit together or separately in your classroom? They sit together. 
6. At what age do children start school? Eric says at 6 years old. 
7. At what age do children graduate from school? He says it depends on the level of understanding in school. If a child does not repeat any class, he/she can complete school at 20 years of age. 
8. How many classrooms are in your school? Eric says seven. 
9. Do you wear a uniform? Eric says yes. 

Eric ends by wishing you a nice Easter and a prosperous 2014. 

May God bless you! 



Whew! That is quite the letter! I love all of the details! 


  1. Wow! Impressive!! That for sure is with the wait!! Sherinah told me that for Compassion kids who attend boarding school, sometimes they miss the letter writing days each month and can only write periodically, unless a Compassion staff member takes time out of their schedule to visit the child at the boarding school. Maybe that's why Eric doesn't write often? But I'm amazed at his answers!! What an incredible letter writer.

  2. Wow! Eric thought of everything! What a nice letter and i loved hearing he has accepted Christ! I am so happy for him!