Friday, June 13, 2014

A Surprise Letter from Nikko!

I just received a letter from Nikko last week, so this letter was definitely a surprise! It was written at the end of April, so usually it would take longer to get here. However, this letter was written in English, so no extra time was needed for translation. Yay!

However, this was not the happiest of letters for me. Nikko has definitely had some hardships lately. Poor guy. I pray that things start to improve for him quickly. I have a lot of questions to ask him in my return letter.

Nikko is 15 years old. This letter is dated April 25th, 2014.


Dear Ms. Kayla, 

Hi! How are you? I hope you're fine. I am happy to receive your letter. I enjoyed reading it. 

I was helping my uncle to sell clothes in D.V Sona (I'm guessing the name of the community/market) but now we stop selling clothes because the Mayor of our city demanded that all vendors in D.V Sona is no longer allowed. 

On Easter, we went to Divine Mercy in El Salvador City to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, with my uncle and friends. We enjoyed staying there. I'm happy to hear about your job as a nanny. You enjoy taking care of children. I also enjoy taking care of my younger siblings, but sometimes it is hard. 

I stopped schooling last year. I hope this year I can enroll again. Please help me to pray. I'm trying to write to you in English so it will be easy to communicate and I asked my teacher to help me. 

I hope you're always in good health. I would like to talk more but I need to stop now. I will pray for you. Please pray for me too. Thank you very much.Til the next letter! 


Psalm 102:25: "In the beginning you laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands." 



  1. Love surprise letters, but the news he shared didn't seem too happy. I hope that he can go back to school very soon and that his uncle finds a way to continue his clothes selling business.

  2. I'll be praying for this young man. I hope he'll be able to continue in school, but even if he's not able to, thank God for Compassion's vocational education!! We had a young man in Guatemala who had to drop out of school but through Compassion he was trained as both a mechanic and electrician!! When he graduated Compassion's program, he already had found a job as a mechanic. I pray that Nikko will be able to have a means to support himself.