Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday July Friends!

I should've written this entry a few weeks ago, but for some reason, I didn't. Better late than never, right?

In my sponsorship family, I have two kiddos with birthdays in July. And believe it or not, both of these birthdays are on July 6th and they will both be turning 14 years old.

First, my sweet young man from Kenya. I correspond with him through Compassion and I sent him this gift:

I sent him bicycle notecard, a decorated photo, birthday candle paper, a postcard of the three wismen, stickers, and two difficult coloring pages.
Then, I also will be sending this gift to my guy Florenc in Albania. Mail to Albania takes less than two months to arrive, so I always wait a little longer to send mail to my Albanian boys. I don't want the birthday gift to get there too early. Here is what I put together for Florenc:
I HAD to send him a tie-dye shirt. It's what I do. I made him this shirt and poured all of my love into it. I'm also sending him a custom made dog tag necklace (it has my picture and his picture and it says Family), a sketch pad, and some colored pencils.
Happy Birthday Karanja and Florenc! 


  1. So fun!! I love the tie-dye shirt!! And I agree, better late than never! It's fun to see what you're sending your kids for their birthdays.

    1. I'm glad you like the shirt! I love making tie-dye shirts and have actually been making them like crazy lately. I sell the shirts and all money I make goes toward my sponsored children. I've been selling t-shirts for about 4 months now.

  2. Love all of the gifts!!! The dog tag is a super cute idea.

    I just sent my Colombian girl, Angie, her 13th birthday gift last week. I got her a Hello Kitty doll, pencils w/ sharpener, a notebook, a Happy Birthday bag, a card (in Spanish), some chapstick, some hair ties and Uno cards, which have instructions in Spanish. Here's a pic: Very excited to hear what she thinks.

    1. Awhile back, a friend showed me this huge sale for this website for these dog tags. I made 4 of them, one for each of my WV boys (at the time) and my girl Celeste, who I'll be visiting this summer. I think I only spent like $6 total, when normally, each necklace is $6. I love them!

      The gift for Angie is great! She's going to love it! I used to play Uno all the time when I was younger. It makes me want to play it now.

  3. Hi Kayla,
    I sponsor a child in Armenia with World Vision UK. I just would like to ask you, did you fit all those presents in a small A5 envelop? Or there is another way to send this? Also, did you send the gift to World Vision office in Albania? And if so, did you write them when to deliver the present to Floric?
    Thank you in advance for your help and thanks for sharing your experience in this blog.

    1. Hi Daniela, with WV, different countries accept different sized packages. With Albania, you can send up to a 10.5 X 15 inch envelope. Here is a complete list of what you're able to send.$FILE/Envelope-and-Package-Guidelines.pdf

      You mail the package the same way you would deliver the letter, to the same address and with his ID number on the back of the package. The WV staff will deliver the package to the child the same way they deliver letters to the child.

  4. Hi Kayla,
    Thanks so much for your help and your quick reply! It's very useful!! I will keep on reading your blog as I find it great! Thanks again :)