Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Very Special Letter from Sadiya

Sadiya's letter arrived in my mailbox in a large envelope. We all know what that means. Something besides just a regular paper is in there! Sometimes, it's two papers, etc. because the letter went longer than the sheet provided. But, other times it's something extra special like a drawing or a picture.

Today, it was a picture! A nice, glossy photo of Sadiya and her family. It's great. I could stare at it all day!

I'll share the letter with you first and then the picture. The first part of the letter tells me about Sadiya's project and the back left room for her tutor/Sadiya to write me a message.

The letter was written December 12th, so it took A LONG TIME to get to me.


My Project
The number of children registered in my project: 143
It takes me 10 minutes to reach my project from my home
The favorite food I enjoy at my project is: Curry Rice
I go to my project by: Walking
At my project I like: Drawing
Dear sponsor Kayla,
I, with Sadiya, wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy new year 2013. Sadiya and her family are doing good. Here in our project she is the girl who is regular in every activity. Her study is going on well. Upcoming month she is going for a picnic with all project children. There's wonderful preparation going on in our project for the Christmas party. She is going to dance with her team. Here attached is a photo of Sadiya's family, as for your request. Let me tell you: Back line 1. The person tallest is her father, 2. Mother , 3. Brother. Front line 1. Brother, 2. In the middle sister, then comes 3. Sadiya on the right. Here, her elder brother is missing because he is in her hometown. She like to thank you for your help. She extend her wishes towards your family. Kindly pray for her family and good study. May God bless you and use your for His kingdom service.
Yours in the Lord
Tutor and Sadiya



  1. LOVE the family picture! What a treat!

    1. I love family photos too! It's such a good one!

  2. What a beautiful family photo!!! I had never thought to ask my kids to send me a photo of their family...maybe I will! That's so fun that she was going to dance with her team. What a precious girl!

    1. When I first start writing to a child, I write to them about my family and include a picture. I ask them to tell me about their family and to include a picture, if they can. I have gotten a few by doing this and each time, it is absolutely precious!

  3. I love that she labelled everyone... and wow her dad is tall! I wish we could see her dance