Monday, May 6, 2013

Three Letters from Florenc!!

What a blessing today when I opened up my mailbox and saw three letters from my dear friend, Florenc.

Three letters!

I will share each one of them with you, with a little description before each one, just to fill you in on  some past information.

This first letter is very short, but full of details. Florenc has nasal polyps that have been bothering him recently and making it very hard for him to breathe. He is due to have an operation. Also, I sent a card with flowers on it to his mother.


Hello My Friend,

I hope you are in good health. How is your family doing?

I liked your family very much. You looked nice in the pictures.

I will get my nose operated, but I am taking pills now.

I was glad you sent flowers to my mother. She was very happy. Thank you. I love you very much.

We celebrate Mother's Day on March 8th. I gave my mother a flower. She was very happy.

I am sending you a photo of me.

I love you very much my friend.

Here's the picture! He's so tall!
Now for a long letter! I'm shocked to learn that he has another brother, I've only ever heard of his one, younger brother. I'm guessing the one he mentions in this letter is older and not staying with him at home. I will definitely be asking Florenc about this other brother.
My Dear Friend,
I was glad to receive a letter from such a good friend like you. My dear, when I learn that you have written to me I feel so happy. As soon as the letter arrives, I tell my mother and little brother about the letter and we read it together as a family. We are interested in your health and it makes us happy to know you are all in good health. We are all in good health, except my mother who is ill. I feel bad when I see her in bed. When she is ill, my brother Sotir and I do the housework. We do them with my mother at times.
I received the letter before March 23rd. I do not known if you remember but this is a historical day for us. It was on March 23rd, 2012 that our friendship started so we have been friends for a year now. May the friendship of ours always be happy just like a family!
My dear friend, I would like to ask you about your mother. How is she? How is she doing? Is she in good health? I would like to know about your family's health. It is very cold here and it rains a lot. We are far away from the city. We are in a mountainous village.
My dear friend, you were asking me about sport. Yes, I like sport very much, especially soccer. I like Real Madrid football club of Spain best.
I do well at school and so does my brother.
Please give my regards to your family. My family hugs you from far away.

In this letter, Florenc is answering many of the questions I asked him. What hand he writes with, what he does in his free time, what family member he looks most alike, etc.

My Dear Sponsor,

I was happy when I received your letter. I like reading your letters very much. I like staying with my family very much especially with my mother and helping her with the housework. I like staying with my brother and my friends in my free time. I am scared of spiders too. I write with my right hand. I sleep at 10:00 and I wake up at 6:00 in the morning.

I think I take after my grandfather (my father's father).

World Vision brought me your letters. I am glad I have a friend like you and I like our friendship. You are a part of my family.

When I feel sad, I want my mother to caress me and it make me feel better. I feel happy when I see she is in good health because she stays most of the time in the hospital. She often does not feel well. I pray God to make my mom feel better.

Thank you my friend for sending letters to me and making me feel better.



Whew! That was a lot of typing! I can't wait to write him back!


  1. He's such a sweetheart! I love the part where he talks about it being a historical day. Aaw!

    1. He is definitely a sweetheart. It took him quite awhile to warm up to me, but I think one year later, we are absolutely friends now.

  2. Wow!! That's so exciting that you received 3 letters!!!!! I love the photo he included in the first one...what a handsome young man! And I bet the "new" brother is older and probably doesn't always live at parents' sponsored child from the DR forever talked about the siblings who live at home with him and then "randomly" he asked for prayer for a brother we had never heard of. After a few more letter exchanges he shared that his brother had moved out a few years ago. And it sounds like Florenc's mom is a kind woman--I love how Florenc says he likes his mom to be healthy because he likes her to caress him! How sweet!

    1. Because Florenc does live so far outside the city, letters have to be picked up and are often mailed in bulk. Usually I get two letters at a time, but this time it was 3, yay!

      His mother is very ill, her kidneys don't work properly and she spends most of her days in the hospital. In that paragraph, Florenc is actually answering two of the questions I asked. I asked, "What makes you happy?" and "What cheers you up when you're sad." I really hope is mother is able to get her operation so they can stay together.