Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blessed to be a Blessing

If I haven't said it enough to you already, I am so happy to be part of child sponsorship. I truly believe that God has called me to help children and their families in this way and I couldn't feel more blessed about it. I feel as if I am fulfilling my life's purpose by being involved in child sponsorship.

I need to share that without God's help and provision, child sponsorship would not be a possibility in my life. I am so grateful that God chose to bless me in this way.

Anyway, onto to today's blessing...

For the last, probably...half a year, anytime Xhuliano wrote me a letter, he talked about how he loves to ride a bike, but he doesn't have one of his own. He told me that his cousin and him take turns riding his cousin's bike. Xhuliano talked about how his cousin always beats him to school because he gets to ride his bike and Xhuliano has to walk.

Sure, a bike isn't a life necessity. But, I feel like every child should have their own bike. I saved up enough money to send a financial gift to Xhuliano through World Vision. I sent the money at the beginning of March. Then, I sat back and waited for the picture and letter to arrive.

Today, it arrived.

My boy got his bike! Plus, with the leftover money, he was able to buy plates and forks for his whole family. Yay!
Don't you just love his smirk?
With this picture, I got a nice letter from him. Here's the letter:
Dear Kayla,
I was very happy to receive the envelope that you sent for me to get some pretty gifts. My family was very happy too and we all thank you because you are such a wonderful friend. I am very happy to have the opportunity of being chosen by a smart friend that writes beautiful things about me and my family. You have always been there for me during the toughest time. I feel much better close to you, my friend Kayla.
I am very happy to receive your letters from time to time and I hope to hear from you again and again, because I am very excited to read them and you will always be a very special friend in my heart and in my family. Thank you very much. I hope you will have some beautiful and warm days and I wish you and your family enjoy good health. May God bless you wherever you go!
With the money you sent, I got a bike, 6 plates, and 6 forks. I am glad because I bought the present that I wanted and I have fun playing with my cousins and sisters. My parents also got happy for my new present because my dream came true. They thank you from their heart and you are a special friend for my family.
With much love from my heart, I send you a hug and I love you so much, my friend Kayla.


  1. Aww excellent! So glad to see this photo, I remember us talking about it only a few weeks ago haha!
    Also, he looks to me a lot older in this photo! It's maybe just the shirt he's wearing, but he looks like he's turning into a muscly (pre)teen!

    1. Well, he is almost 13 and I know he helps on his parents' farm a lot. He could very well be turning into a muscly teen!

  2. What a great letter!!! Isn't it so fun to be able to fulfill a dream?? Especially one that's relatively easy for us to do. And what a treat to get a photo!!!! Your Xhuliano's gratitude and love sounds like the letter we received from our Arun when he got his bike. He said that with his bike Arun's now able to "get to school quickly" and he "looks handsome on his bike" and "his family is proud of how handsome he looks on his bike" (per how the translator wrote the letter!).

    1. Extra photos are always a treat! With World Vision, if you send a financial gift (always at least $100) you are guaranteed a photo. I definitely love that part of World Vision.