Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Xhuliano's Letters Will Always Be A Gift

Xhuliano is, by far, my best letter writer. He writes often. He writes long letters. His letter are always full of so many details.

To me, my relationship with Xhuliano is a textbook example of how a sponsorship relationship should be. Sponsorship is not just about sending that monthly money to an organization. It's about building a relationship with a child from far away. It's about getting to know them, learning about their family, and loving this family unconditionally, even though you know that you (probably) will never get to see them in person.

Man. It's just great.

Here's the letter:


Dear Kayla,
Your letters are very special to me and every time I get your letters, I get happy when I read them. During winter holidays, I stayed at home because my mom works to help dad. Dad got sick and he had two surgeries in his kidneys. I care take of Marsela, I feed chicken, sheep and her little lambs. Also, I have a cat and two kittens. They are so sweet. Marsela likes them very much and gives them food to eat. Stelina takes care of the house, she does housework, wipes the house, washes the dishes, and helps mom because she comes home exhausted. (Poor mom!)
Yes, I decorated the Christmas tree with Stelina. We decorated it with small lights, cotton, and little balls. I like your photos. You look so beautiful and with a sweet smile. I am glad that you had fun that night and I hope you to be happy just like that night. Happy birthday to your sister and God bless her. I love my sisters and we all love you very much for giving us those stickers. We have spread them around our refrigerator (Oh no! Those are going to stick forever! I hope mom doesn't care!) Marsela liked them and she sticks them on it.
I hope you will write to me continuously (Man, continuously, that is quite an undertaking). I wish you and your family a good health and luck in your life and God bless you.
With lots of love,

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