Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three Letter Saturday!

Today I opened the mailbox and saw three cream colored envelopes. I did my little happy day right there and then ran down the stairs to my apartment and tore into them. There were letters from three of my boys: Elias and Gemechu from Ethiopia and yet another letter from Jhon in Bolivia.

I will share each letter with you, with a brief introduction before each letter. Just some commentary. You know how I am.

Up first, we have Elias's letter. This is the very first letter I've gotten from him. It's a typical intro letter. Here it is:


My name is: Elias Binyam
I am: 14 years old
My Parents' Names: Mother: Zemzem, Father: Binyam
My Sisters' & Brothers' Names: I have no brothers or sisters
My Best Friends' Name: Zakir & Melechem
My Favorite Things
Game: Soccer
Food: Macaroni
School Subject: Math
Pets: Sheep
Bible Story: Story Books
Color: Red
Song: Dil Bedil
Holiday: Christmas
I live in: Dire Dawa City
Message for my sponsor: I am grade 9 student now. I live with my grandparents in Dire Dawa city. The weather is warm now here. Thanks a lot for being willing to be my sponsor.
Question for my sponsor: Are there animals in your surrounding?
Please pray that: I may succeed in school


This next letter is from my boy Jhon in Bolivia. He is definitely a frequent writer and I could not be happier about that. He writes great letters with a lot of details. In this letter, he is responding to a letter that I wrote asking questions about his school, his home, his project, and his country. He answered all of the questions. Yay!



Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla,
I greet you with the peace of the Lord. I thank you for the letter, stickers, and photo. They are very nice. My uniform has blue pants made of fabric, a white shirt, and shoes. I stay for 4 and a half hours at school. I like to use the student's uniform. My favorite subject is Language because I like to write and make cross words. The hardest subject is Chemistry. My house is made of bricks and the roof is made of corrugated iron. Yes, I have a bed and I sleep with my younger brother. People in our country travel by bus, car, or plane. There are 300 children in my student center. Our typical food is Majadito. (I looked this up. It's a dish of dried meat, yucca, rice, and plantains) There's a famous place here named Salar de Uyuni and it's between two cities (This is the world's largest salt flat). My family and I are in good health thanks to the Lord. It doesn't snow in Bolivia; it's very hot. We are in summer here. I'm thankful and happy for the questions that you sent and for the bible vereses. I say goodbye with the peace of the Lord and my God bless you and your family.
With Love,

Lastly, I got a very interesting first letter from Gemechu, who is also in Ethiopia. I was just assigned him as a correspondent child in April. This letter was written to his financial sponsors in November.

I can't quite figure out why I'm his correspondent sponsor. It appears that Gemechu is sponsored by a group called Compassion Living Sponsorships. This group has sent him a financial gift every month since July. In November, they even went to visit him! Maybe just the president of company, or whatever it is, went to visit. It just seems like these people are so involved in his life already, I wonder why they aren't writing to him too.

I'm grateful they are able to send him financial gifts so often. I won't be able to do that, but I will definitely write him a lot of letters. Perhaps we are the perfect sponsorship team!


Dear Compassion Living Sponsorships,

How have you been? My family and I are fine. Praise the Lord! It was on November 17th, 2012 that I missed you. You came here for your child's graduation. I am happy that you introduced me and my family to your formerly sponsored child. I am very glad that you had played soccer with me and different kinds of games with me at Awassa Lewi Resort. I am so glad about it. Thank. My God bless you for giving a camera to my father, and ball, bag, chocolate, and other gifts to me. I am so happy. We had no gift for you, but you have given us a lot. My God bless you.

I received your gift in July and with it we bought 40 woods and a small stick. In August I got your gift. With it I bought shoes and a sweater. In September I got your gift. With it, we bought 4 packets of nails of different sizes, trousers, and a t-shirt. I've enclosed the picture of things I bought with the gift. In October, I got your gift. My God bless you. With it, we will make a new house as everything is ready.



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  1. What an exciting Saturday!! I love that Elias listed about his whole family and I love Jhon's detailed descriptions about his uniform and house and why he likes language! It sounds like you and Gemechu's financial sponsorship group are a wonderful team!! That's such a blessing that they are so involved in his life.