Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Nice Letter from Melaku

Yesterday, I got a letter from Melaku. It's so nice to hear from him again, especially so soon. I just heard from him last month. He seems like a great guy.

After reading this letter, I found out that Melaku's financial sponsor sent him a large family gift. With that gift they were able to buy wood and nails to add onto their house. That is so cool!

As an added bonus, this letter came with a picture of Melaku with his younger brother and mother. They all have the best smiles!


Dear Kayla,
How are you doing? Thank God, my family and I are doing well. I have received the letter and postcard you sent me. My plan for my life after departure from the Compassion project is to be engaged in car driving. Therefore, I want to learn car driving. Thank you for the letter you wrote me. I saw the picture of the plane. I am so happy. I want to travel by plane someday.
I have received the birthday and family gifts and with the amount I bought materials for home construction, like corrugated sheet, nails, and wood. And for myself I got sandals, trousers, t-shirt, and shorts. God bless you for your generous present. Thank you. I want to see you in person. God bless. Bye.


  1. What a beautiful family! And what a blessing for them to be able to add on to their home.

  2. What a great photo!!!! And that is so neat that Melaku and his family were able to buy so much with the gift money from his sponsor!! How fun that he liked the plane photo that you sent. And that's neat that he wants to be a car driver.