Thursday, May 2, 2013

Touching Thursday

This week, I would really love it if these three children could find a loving sponsor.

Isn't he so sweet?!
Name: Bayulign
Age: 7
Birthday: November 20th
Country: Ethiopia
Guardians: Father & Mother
Number of Siblings: 1
Chores: Running Errands
Hobbies: Playing Group Games
School Performance: Average in Kindergarten
Activities: Church Activities
Such a handsome guy!
Name: Richard
Age: 15
Birthday: March 5th
Country: Philippines
Guardians: Father & Mother
Number of Siblings: 3
Chores: Carrying Water, Buying/Selling in the Market, & Gardening
Hobbies: Basketball, Swimming, & Playing with Marbles
School Performance: Average in High School
Activities: Vacation Bible School & Camp
How precious is she?!
Name: Dilcia
Age: 5
Birthday: January 12th
Country: Honduras
Guardians: Father & Mother
Number of Siblings: 0
Chores: Gathering Firewood, Running Errands, & Cleaning
Hobbies: Playing House, Art, & Playing with Dolls
School Performance: Too Young for School
Activities: Church Activities & Bible Class



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